Twitter marketing 101

Twitter is also an excellent place to promote your own brand. A lot of companies are using twitter to extend their reach and it has been a big help for them. This article will help your understand every important aspects of twitter marketing.

Twitter is the second most popular social networking site next to facebook. The reason why people love twitter is that it is a simple networking site where they can actually get a hold of what is happening in the whole world. Big companies like Whole Foods, Starbucks, Samsung, Pepsi and Coca-cola have been effectively using twitter to promote their brand and at the same time connect with their fans. You might be wondering how you can also maximize twitter for your own, well here’s how you can do it:

1. Know your Target Market

The very basic step for you to do is to define who your target market is. It would depend on the kind of services or products that your offer. If you are selling beauty products then find people that are interested in those.

2. Build your Followers

The next step is to build your followers by just tweeting. It’s as simple as that. Make sure you participate in the twitter world by knowing what is trending, mentioning people, re-tweeting people and tweeting quality content.

3. Tweet Regularly

The last and final step is to create a schedule for your tweets and run it regularly. You can use some great twitter third party tools that can enhance you’re posting on twitter while integrating it on other channels. After this is just rinse and repeat and you’ll be good on twitter.

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