How to use LinkedIn to support your content marketing strategy?

How to use LinkedIn to support your content marketing strategy?

Today, relationships matter perhaps more than ever. The social media platforms seem to be oversaturated with content; besides, people are tuning out irrelevant & overly promotional updates, thereby forcing brands to lay special emphasis on substance as well as building relationships that last.

Well, with its huge reputation as an excellent job placement platform, LinkedIn tends to be easily overlooked as far as building your marketing strategy is concerned. However, with over 414 million members in more than 200 countries, this amazing platform is proving to be a potential facilitator between individuals and businesses.

In fact, if you are not a very active user, this platform may appear to be a little overwhelming in the beginning. But, if you start off with it and be active, you can know its potential. Read further to know about how you can support your content marketing strategy using LinkedIn:

How to develop Your Content Strategy using LinkedIn?

Needless to say, content is the very basis of your LinkedIn presence. It doesn’t matter whether you are taking part in group conversations, you are crafting an ad or you are just simply sharing a simple update, your content should be on point.

Those who are on LinkedIn look for insightful, informative, and inspiring content. Make sure you keep it simple and professional. All aspects, right from your call to action to the formatting must be easy to understand. Moreover, keep the excessively promotional updates to minimum. Rather focus on the fostering engagement via educational and useful content. And, if you are posting a product-related update or company news, ensure the benefits to followers do come across pretty clearly.

Killer tips in a nutshell:

Be friendly and helpful, not sales-oriented

Remember that one-sided conversations are boring. So, don’t go with overly promotional stuff. Whenever you post company-related news or any product announcements, ensure they come with a particular benefit to your followers.

Post an update at least once in a weekday

Pretty obviously, consistent posts do encourage engagement & foster familiarity.

Consider timing

Remember that the updates that you post in the morning hours tend to earn the maximum engagement; the same hold true with the late evening (after business) hours. However, experiment to know what works well for your company.

Link to great content

The company updates that contain links tend to have nearly 45% higher follower engagement compared to updates sans links. Write a compelling caption or sentence to grab the attention of your followers.

Well, these tips should have helped you understand in a better way as to how to use LinkedIn to support and manage your content marketing strategy. Make sure you get your employees involved in this LinkedIn content marketing strategy; they can surely help you build a following as well as broaden your reach on this wonderful platform.

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