YouTube Video Marketing Strategies: Driving Massive Traffic

YouTube Video Marketing Strategies: Driving Massive Traffic

YouTube marketing is – without a shadow of doubt – one of the most sought-after and successful forms of social media marketing out there. The uniqueness of this platform and its ability to rank videos in Google’s video search makes it highly searchable.

Hence, YouTube is highly optimizable form of content marketing. It is also noteworthy that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet after Google itself.

When handled correctly, YouTube has the power to place your content in front of millions of people located across the world. Creating viral content is, of course, the dream for any content marketer.

Aside from budget constraints, YouTube is only limited by your imagination. Businesses of all sizes and types are finding YouTube resourceful and impressed by its radical ways of drawing attention to viewers.

Whilst it may not be right to all of us to expect our next piece of content to go viral overnight, there are a few points that every marketer needs to bear in mind when producing content for YouTube.

Please know that a whopping 72 hours of footage is uploaded to YouTube every minute. Therefore, simply uploading a video and keeping your fingers crossed that it will go viral are no longer enough.

YouTube has become so important to your marketing that you can ill-afford to ignore it. Your aim is to persuade users to sign up to your channel, but of course non-subscribers can and will also view your YouTube channel. Convincing these people to become subscribers depends upon how you structure your channel.

Crafting a compelling trailer that will motivate all non-subscribers to view, having an alluring channel icon and adding social media links to all of your videos – will all drive people to your videos and ultimately to your business.

Remember never to mix consumer and corporate content and not to put TV ads at the top of the page. Optimizing Thumbnails is an assured way of your marketing your videos on YouTube, helping to catch the attention of viewers that might not be attracted to your video on the description alone.

However, Thumbnails must always be unambiguous and in focus. Ideally, they will choose the most vibrant, most appealing and entertaining scene from your video, sparking the viewer’s interest and kindling their curiosity.

Needless to state, SEO has always been a key component of managing a business website. However, lately it has become evident that the use of SEO on other websites and channels such as social media has assumed importance. So by all means direct search engine traffic to your website using SEO keywords on YouTube – but avoid overdoing.

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