10 Reasons why your customers want you to be on Google+

10 Reasons why your customers want you to be on Google+

  1. Google has started with a refreshing design and a clean sheet that most customers find irresistibly appealing. Besides, Google Plus is imaginatively designed for a mobile web including smartphones and tablets.
  2. Within a short span of time, Google Plus has achieved deep penetration and tremendously grown in popularity due to customers and prospects flocking to it for its user-friendliness.
  3. Google Plus has a whopping 600 million registered users as per a recent Global Web Index study. Its active user-base has grown by 33% from June 2012 through to March 2013
  4. Google Plus hangouts have been a crucial part of the Google Plus platform ever since it was launched. These hangouts are unique in the sense they let you create online meetings limited to 10 active users.
  5. Google Plus facilitates you to streaming to YouTube video to a limitless number of viewers. In short, Google Plus is created for a more visual online environment.
  6. Customers and prospects are particularly fond of Google Plus because there are no annoying advertisements on Google plus. Thus, there are no needless distractions and the customer can comfortably browse Google Plus.
  7. Google evidently built Google Plus to be integrated into its other web properties. It is seamlessly woven into Gmail, the Chrome browser, Picasa and YouTube. This integration will eventually lead to more effective marketing.
  8. Google Plus plays a key role in search engine optimization (SEO) by making it easier for businesses to show up in search results—yet another irrefutable reason to include Google Plus in your social media strategy.
  9. The most visible proof that online marketers are opting for the Google Plus SEO theory is the growing prevalence of its ‘+1’ symbol on branded promotions. The red and white Google Plus icon is now a huge popularity symbol.
  10. Because Google Plus is not just a social network–it is a powerful social media platform that integrates with key features like Google Docs, chat, hangouts, email and more.

Google Plus is fast becoming an indispensible part of any business’s social media strategy. Google has ultimately created the social network customers were long aspiring for.

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