Facebook advertising made easy

Facebook advertising made easy

Facebook advertisements reach more than 1 billion active users and a majority of these people log in and scrupulously view your ads.

If you are planning to advertise on Facebook , you have taken a prudent decision and you are going to reap a rich harvest. Here are some suggestions to make your Facebook ads not only easy to appear but also make them result-oriented.

  • Register as a user on Facebook, unless you already have a Facebook account. It is a compelling necessity to be a registered Facebook user if you wish to advertise on Facebook. If you are averse to using your personal account, you can easily create a new login ID.
  • Select a category and a page name to represent your business.  A page is nothing more than a profile for your business – though you do not mandatorily require a Page to advertise on Facebook. But it is preferable to have an established page.
  • In fact, having a page is beneficial in the sense you can you promote your products/services, interact with established customers, and develop opportunities to reach out to new customers.
  • It is suggested that you upload a cover photo as that is what people will first view when they visit your business Page.  Your cover photo may spread to the entire breadth of your page, but then it obviously is something that your prospects will associate with your business.
  • It is essential that you provide a brief description about your business to be located preferably beneath your business logo. This insertion will make it customer-friendly as they will instantly know all about the products/services you are offering. It is further suggested that you create a web address for your Page.
  • Start reaching out to your customers in right earnest with your well-conceived posts. You posts can pertain to any special sales package, seasonal discounts or the launch of a new product/service.
  • Your posts can be mere updates, eye-catchy photos or impactful videos.
  • If you are keen that Facebook posts should be productive and fetch you additional sales, keep your posts short and to the point without unnecessary frills. Facebook posts that are fewer than 250 characters common a lot of popularity and read by a wide number of people.

Your Turn:

What is your Facebook advertising marketing strategy ? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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