3 Common Social Media Myths to Throw Out the Window Immediately


There is no doubt that social media marketing is becoming an important part of online marketing for every business. There are lots of happenings in the online world. Some says that social networking is not effective, while other proves that they have earned huge amount of money through it. This is the reason why a business owner must know if he or she will invest great deal of money for social media strategy. You need to find out the truth about social media marketing, so you can start your own online marketing plan. The following are three common social media myths.

  1. Social Media Is Time Consuming- this is an old excuse of many business owners who do not have enough time. The truth is that all kinds of online marketing strategy need time and effort on your part. It will only take you several seconds to log into your Facebook or twitter account to check comments and queries of people on your fan page. If you want to build good relationship with your prospective customers in social media network, then you really need time. If you can just give 15 minutes of your time everyday for social media work, then it can create positive impact to your business. All you need to do is to focus on your task and refrain yourself from checking your own profile account.

  2. Social Media marketing is all about Facebook and Twitter- when people refer to the term social networking sites, they immediately think of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. These sites are important, but they are not the only social media sites that can help your business. You need sites that can provide tools that can help you spread your message to the public. These are blogs, newsletters, YouTube and many more. You can use other tools to deliver a quick yet sensible message to your target market.

  3. You have to do it all yourself- as you use social networking sites as medium for communication with your clients and customer, it does not mean that the owner of the business must be the one to do it all. You can delegate someone to represent you through these different social networking sites. You need someone that you can trust and knows everything about the company, so he or she can immediately answer questions. Social media marketing is a team effort. You need to build a team that will handle this part of online marketing, so you can do other important stuff in your business.

Knowing these social media myths can help you create an effective marketing strategy. Today, social media is a powerful tool for your business to gain online presence, but you need to use it the right way if you want to reap its benefits. If you think that you are not capable to create this kind of marketing plan, then you can hire expert people from a reputable marketing company for help. Small businesses face little complications, because many of them use social media in a very simple way to market their business.

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