5 unique ways to use Facebook to promote your business

5 unique ways to use Facebook to promote your business

You may be wondering how best to use Facebook to promote your business. The first step involves creating a Facebook Page  for people to like and follow. Consider whether a Facebook group will work for your business. Bear in mind that it is only in rare cases that the Facebook pages can be seen in other peoples news feed. According to the Facebook, brands are able to reach around 16% of their clients on average every week through their posts. This has left many companies wondering whether page posts are worthwhile endeavours.

In order to spice up your page, add business logo and details to it. You can also use different applications to make it more attractive. Users who become your fans on the Facebook page can post on your wall, buy your products, learn on your events as well as promotions, and upload photos and video content. You can also send out message updates to all your fans even though this is not possible with a personal profile. Try to keep the media’s social aspect as you come up with a Facebook page.

One feature that you can use to promote your product is the Facebook notes. These allows you to post text in the same manner you do it in blogging. You can include these on your profile or even Facebook page. The users can subscribe to your notes through the RSS, just like it is the case with any other blog. Alternatively, you can import a blog to Facebook through the RSS feed.

Another important feature that you can use is Face book events. This helps you to post events such as openings, launches or any other offline or online event that you may be hosting. Invite your fans to the event and they can choose to accept, ‘maybe’ or decline the invitation. The fans and friends will also be able to see the event’s reminder whenever they get to their home page.

One easiest way that you can use to promote your business on Facebook is to host giveaways. This may be in form of a product or service and it should be inline with some stipulations based on your stipulations. For instance you can have a promotion until your Facebook number reaches a certain number. However these must be in line with the Facebook guidelines in regard to promotions.

You can also use ads appearing on the sidebars of the user’s profile. This enables the users to like your page without necessarily having to leave their page. Where you use some captivating ads, it is possible for you to get impulse fans that will in turn come to know about your product.

You can make a promotional video of your product. This when posted on Facebook can go along way in marketing your business. Use an entertaining way to promote or showcase your product. Include information on where the viewers can get more details at the end of the video.

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