7 Important Google Plus Marketing Tips for Small Businesses Owners

Google Plus Marketing

Online marketing is an important tool for all small business owners. In order to grow your business you need to reach the consumers by using different ways like online advertising and social media marketing. Running a small business is quite complex and applying different methods of online marketing is quite a tedious task and if done properly can reap good benefits. Boosting your social media presence is key factor regardless of the platform you use. Posting relevant content should be your main focus when marketing on Google Plus. Google Plus has special features exclusively for business houses, such as the ability to join as a brand. Some of the methods to market in Google Plus can be classified as follows:

Using your hangouts and circles

Google Plus circles offer you to create groups so that the members can learn more about your business and there is also a provision to import your contacts from social media platforms like Facebook into your Google Plus circle. Hangouts are something like tweet chats in video format but the discussions is limited to fifteen visitors. An eye catching Mini Bio is essential in Google Plus and this will make the visitor decide whether to join your circle or not. Creating a prioritized list of circles is another important marketing tip so that viewers can easily see your business focus and encourage them to explore further. Circles should be created on a micro level by working on a business format by adding names to customer’s business and brands having their own circles.

Personalizing Your URL

Google Plus has restrictions in the use of personalized URL and now it’s being limited to celebrities and leading brands. The URL will look like google.com/+davidbeckham or  Google.com/+Toyota.There is a service called GPlus which shortens the Google Plus profile into a neat and easy to remember link. To generate that URL you just need to give your Google Plus profile to GPlus and it will generate a short URL like http://gPlus.to/username. You can set the username with whatever that is available. When you brand yourself on social media platforms a little bit of exaggeration is recommended.

Using Google Plus Events to your Advantage

Google Plus events function is the ideal place to make announcements of your business promotions and sales. This function gives you the option to make the event public. Event page should be used as your first point contact with a new customer by giving as much information and description of your company and products as required. Uploading photos with facts and figures of your products and your company will create more awareness among the audience.

Participation in Other Google Plus Hangouts

Participating in other Google Plus hangouts with similar interests is an ideal way to show other professionals that you are interested in them as they are in your business. The power of hangout in Google Plus is very big compared to other social media platforms. You can make the customer feel special by inviting them to hangout with someone very interesting and like minded.

Micro circles for repeat business:

To reap maximum benefit from Google Plus, try to create circles on a micro level. Work should be done on a B2B basis by adding names to customer’s business and brands so that it will spread in their circles. Your name can also be added to influence circles so that you can connect to people in the similar field.

Personalize posts

Your posts should not look automated. Each post should be tailor-made so that the customers feel personalized and they will know that you are not a bot but a real human being. You should get to know your audience by interacting with them, by asking questions, sharing contents, and polling and customizing messages and contents to suit their needs.


Google Plus is an upcoming marketing media. Even though it is not popular like Facebook and the viewership is increasing day by day for Twitter. We should keep on posting high quality content consistently and you will slowly see the viewership start to expand. Establishing yourself as a leader in Google Plus is very important because your competitor is not very active there.

Your Turn:

What is your Google Plus marketing tips for small businesses owners?We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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