HOW TO: Build A Facebook Strategy for Your Business

HOW TO: Build A Facebook Strategy for Your Business

Here is how to build a Facebook strategy for your business through  SMM (Social Media Marketing) strategy.

Avoid using your personal account to promote your business in Facebook. No prospective customer is interested in viewing your childhood pictures or keen to know about your personal affairs.

You should create a separate purely business oriented account of yourself or engage a competent professional to become your brand ambassador. This ambassador will be the person who represents your business online and handles all communications.

 Please know that promotion of your business on Facebook is all about having a page for your business.  The information on your Facebook business profile should be crisp and succinct and all the pictures appropriate and professional.

Please make sure to add some apt keywords in your page name to rank high on search engines. Bear in mind you are not allowed to change your page name later.

 The next obvious thing is to fill your Facebook page with pertinent information about your business. Make your info as brief and engaging as you can.

Remember you require an attractive landing page, which will convert your visitors into fans. Using HTML, CSS, FBJS and even Flash you can create impactful landing pages that people will not only “like”, but link to, and suggest to friends.

Add to friends any people that may be your potential customers or somehow interested in your business. Once you have a sizable number of friends, do not fail to use the “Suggest to friends” and “Share” buttons to promote your Facebook page to them

Once you join pages, groups and events, you will be in a fit position to partake in the conversation, which is a resourceful way of direct promotion.

Communication is the key to social media marketing. Once someone comments on your new status, a photo, or anything else – respond immediately.

Make sure to upload pictures of your products, your office and your team at work to make your company more visible and easy to remember by your clients.

You can make some special offers, which are available to your Facebook fans only and these packages are not announced outside of Facebook.

You can make viral videos, entertaining videos, tutorials, product detailing, presentations etc. and include a link to your Facebook page with a request to join.

Your Turn:

What is your Facebook marketing strategy for business ? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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