Facebook – Content Marketing Best Practices

 Facebook - Content Marketing Best Practices

Every business house, regardless of its type and size wants content that drives optimum traffic and helps build its audience.

Facebook Insights helps you to analyze the worth of your content marketing in real time. It is indeed your best method to know which type of content your audience engages with the most and which to promote.

You must try to understand the various types of Facebook content that you can post on a Facebook Page.

Facebook Posts that include a single image reportedly generate double the engagement than the average post. Photos are your most effective tool for content marketing. Photos also let you to take up a larger portion of a user’s News Feed – thereby widening the attention you receive.

Photo posts are lot more prominently displayed on a Facebook Page. A link-based post, on the other hand, pulls in just an indistinct thumbnail image. Besides, remember you can   also include links in photo posts.

Use simple images with a clear focal point to capture the attention of your target audience. Experts also opine that images having extremely saturated colors also help to more effectively highlight against the site’s white background.

To maximize the impact of your image posts, include appropriate text to facilitate telling a quick story. Use the normal format of online memes, which include relevant text in large font positioned directly on top of the image.

Yet another effective way to engage your audience around your photos is by including a ‘call-to-action’ to write some highly imaginative caption.

Several surveys have conclusively shown that Facebook Posts that include a photo album generate 150 percent more engagement than the standard post. Photo albums are indeed a fabulous way to promote your Facebook content.

It is also reported that Facebook Posts that include a video generate 100% more engagement than the standard post. When posting a video, make it simple, short and crisp.

Text Posts should be succinct consisting of around 200 characters and in any case, less than 3 lines of text. Experts suggest that the best type of text content is “Fill-in-the-blank” posts. You can ask an open-ended question for fans to answer in the comments section.

Finally, do not forget to analyze content using Facebook Insights.

Your Turn:

What is your Facebook content marketing strategy ? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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