Content Marketing: How to build site traffic

Content Marketing: How to build site traffic

Tips & Tricks to Build Site Traffic

Have you ever wondered how do blogging communities build site traffic for their sites?

– Is it by paying a good amount of money to a company to build site traffic for you?
– Is it by shelling out bucks for advertising on Facebook?
– Or is it by retargeting marketing setup?

Well! Yes, these could be some of the tactics. But the best place to start building site traffic would be within the blogging communities. These communities help build site traffic and also draw class visitors to the blog.

What Are Blogging Communities?

Joining a blogging tribe/ community is a good idea to get attention to your blogs. Here you get to connect and interact with other bloggers who are in the same boat looking to build their site traffic. The thumb rule for the community members is to reciprocate i.e. in simple words, you visit/share/comment ten blogs in your community and they should reciprocate your action. The non-members of the community who visit your blog may or may not involve with it but the community members are bound to help and increase your site traffic.

But the only disadvantage being a member of such blogging communities is that their members usually come from different fields and interests. Let’s say, you have written a blog about Arts and Dance forms, and the other members of the group have blogs about automobiles or technology. Then you just end up sharing or commenting for the namesake of it instead of getting involved with the content. How to overcome this?

Build your own Blogging Community

Creating your blogging community helps you find people with similar interests, and it has its set of advantages:

– You could find appealing information on your subject of interest and update your library.
– Visiting such blogs, sharing or commenting make you a noted figure in their groups and they too are likely to visit your blogs.

To build your blogging community, choose a list of bloggers that you wish to follow and keep a practice to visit regularly their blogs. As simple as it sounds, this becomes your blogging community. Make sure that those bloggers share quality content on your subject of interest, contents are easy to go through and also check if they are reciprocating your action by visiting your blogs.

All these actions would get your blogs a decent exposure among targeted set of audience.

But the next question is how to find bloggers to follow?

For this, first you need to decide on the topics that you might be interested in, or you just scroll through the blogs that your friends/acquaintances follow or you may even choose to Google search on related topics. All you need to do is to add “+ blog” in your search. E.g.: Arts and Dance forms + Blogs. You could also find bloggers by putting your subject of interest keywords in Google Alerts.

Sharing your articles on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., guest posting, roundups are the other ways which could help you build site traffic. Hope this helps!

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