How to Manage Online Reputation for Millennials

How to Manage Online Reputation for Millennials

Well, one out of five Millennials think that work and reputation on social media are equally important, but one out of three Millennials think they probably make a first impression in the online media compared at a social gathering. Of course, they could be right.  For Millennials that have grown up with internet and social media access, managing online reputation as well as controlling what is being shown can certainly be a challenging task to undertake. Discussed below are a few tips to get started:

 Consider running searches

Prior to doing anything, it is imperative to do something like an audit and find what exactly is out there. Utilize Google and search for your name to see what sort of information comes up. Don’t check just the main Google search page, check the news, images, and videos as well to find any matching search results. Provided you have a name or a nickname that is commonly misspelled, search for that as well. Pretend like you are a future employer; type all sorts of variations of your name. As soon as you get to know the kind of reputation you possess online, start fixing it.

Set up an alert

it is imperative to set a Google alert using your name so that you are notified immediately if anything pops up. If you have a very much common name which would return too many results, think of pairing your name with location or occupation in order to narrow the results. Rather than setting an alert for Bill Taylor, try Bill Taylor C-Store Distributors. Well, this may look excessive; however, it only takes a single bad mention of you to destroy a reputation which you have spent a number of years crafting carefully. So, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry as far as presenting yourself to others is concerned.

Handle bad results

What would happen if you ran Google searches and ended up finding a few unpleasant mentions that you have literally no control over? Okay, now put the ball in your court again. Do you maintain a blog? If yes, make consistent updates so as to increase your search engine rankings and drop down the negative results in the ranking. Think of buying your domain name that helps enhance your search results based on the situation’s seriousness. What to do if those negative results came from a site with your personal details on it? Okay, in this case, try contacting the owners for the site and get it removed. Remember that it doesn’t hurt to ask. And, certainly you are not the first one doing this. You should take all possible steps to protect your online reputation.

Becoming invisible on social media

You can make it harder for your business acquaintances to spot you on social media. Do that by just using your first & middle name, or rather your first name and the last initial. Ensure you have a personal mail id and a professional mail id and you use only the personal one in your social media profiles. This way, if someone searches using your business email, chances are more that they won’t find you!

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