Easy Ways to Use Instagram for Social Business

Instagram Marketing Strategy - How to Use Instagram for Business

While the hugely popular social media channels like Facebook and Twitter have been hogging all the limelight, Instagram has been quietly working its way up.

Instagram is slowly but steadily becoming a widely acceptable tool for social media marketing. This has set many business houses thinking how Instagram can be used to improve their social media marketing strategies.

It is a known fact that photos considerably evince interest and interaction with people. This is authenticated by the fact that photo posts have been shown to increase the interaction rate by 39% compared with other posts.

This has led many frontline companies to start including Instagram in their marketing strategies to reach a high proportion of monthly active users. More and more small and mid-size businesses are encouraged to get on board with Instagram.

To succeed on Instagram, you have to post with unfailing regularity. Studies reveal that 57% of users go into their accounts on a daily basis. And, 43% of accounts post more than one time per day. Brands that are regularly using Instagram post approximately 6 times each week. Interestingly, the top 54 brands on Instagram have an average of 700,000 followers and around 1.5 million Instagram posts mention these top 54 brands.

However, many business owners are unaware how Instagram could be best managed. Experts exhort posting photos that are brand relevant for customers. It is recommended to post photos about your products, your store events, and client testimonials.

It is also essential to engage with followers that mean leaving comments on their photos and appreciating what they post. Some business owners suggest that quality is better than quantity about the number of followers that a business has.

So it is important to focus on building up a base of target audience that is interested in your business and posts. Another step that businesses can take is to make sure that they add videos. People are more enamored of visuals than drab text.

Sadly, only 5% of Fortune 500 companies had started using video on Instagram for social media marketing. By your getting in there ahead of other businesses, you have an opportunity to stand out from the crowds. It is proved that a video campaign on Instagram receives host of responses even within two weeks.

You must determine what types of pictures or videos work and continually stick to that approach so that followers can associate it with your brand.

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