Facebook Contest Marketing Strategy

Facebook Contest Marketing Strategy

Once you become familiar with the Facebook Contest Marketing Strategy, you will be able to generate more likes on your page – particularly, if you make the contest exclusive to your fans. 

Make sure the contest is 100 percent mobile devices compatible so that users can participate with any device that runs Facebook. This will lead to enhanced participation with your friends inviting their friends and the chain will go on.

If you are not already aware, please know that Facebook just made a major amendment to its terms of service. A couple of years earlier, Facebook barred running promotions directly on a page and insisted on the use of a third party app for all contests.

Lately, Facebook has reversed its stand and now you can run a contest without using a third party app. All you need to do is publish the rules, and make abundantly clear that Facebook is absolutely not liable. Spending time and money on an app may not be necessary anymore.

But, if you are keen to expand the fan base on your pages, then you may not be able to achieve much with the native timeline promotion option.

It is true that third party apps typically gather email address from participants. This data can then be used for direct emailing and marketing purposes and can terribly enhance your Facebook marketing efforts in the long run.

Third party apps can offer entertaining user experiences such as Quizzes, Photo Contests, or Personality Tests whereas running a promotion on your timeline will limit your options.

Please know running Facebook contests is laborious and time-consuming as it calls for drafting of proper rules, offering appropriate prizes, coping up with entries, avoiding scammers, makings things absolutely lawful, and above all, making sure your participants have a thrilling experience.

Draft official rules unambiguously and display them prominently so that your participants can read and understand and accept them before they enter a contest.

 You must be terribly guarded against the cheaters when running a Facebook contest. Users may create fake accounts, have fake friends liking their entries and do all dubious things aimed at winning the grand prize.

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