Facebook Marketing Tips for Startups


Finding a free platform to showcase products, services of many businesses is a dream, but today with the help of social media, it is becoming possible. Facebook has made this dream come to life. Today, there are already billions of Facebook users around the world. This social media network has brought business, clients and customers closer. It is not a secret how Facebook can help in terms of online marketing. Today, it is considered as one of the most powerful marketing tool. For an ordinary user, creating an account is enough, but to marketers there is more than just establishing an account. This article will show you useful Facebook marketing tips that can bring success to your business.

  • Create Facebook profile- it is important to create a profile to establish your online presence and identity. Your profile is your key to create a lasting relationship to your target market. As you create your profile, it is important that you careful choose your profile picture. You should not forget to place other photos that will showcase your business, products or services. You can include photos and videos along with information regarding your business. You also need to start adding friends to make the most out of this marketing tool.
  • Fan page for your Business- aside from creating your personal account, you also need to create a fan page. This particular page is designed to helps promote brands, businesses, products, services and many more. A fan page can helps in generating online presence. You can encourage and attract many users to become part of your fan page. This can happen by sharing relevant and informative contents with them. It is best if you will use videos and photos.
  • Facebook Events feature- this can help you communicate with your target market through invites in diverse events. You can send it to other people even if they are not on our list of friends. Facebook will allow you to create your own private or public event.
  • Other Facebook pages- it will also help if you will participate or join other Facebook pages that are related to your niche. You need to research other fan pages that are relevant to your own page. There is a search box that you can use. By joining other fan pages, you can create comment under their updates to promote your own fan page. This is the best way to establish your connection within the industry where your business belongs.
  • Photo tags- if you have new products or services to promote, then you can post several photos and also encourage your fans to upload photos. Friends of your fans will see these photos on their wall and there is a great chance that other people will also view your photos. This is the best way to earn publicity.
  • Used Facebook plug-ins- it will help if you can take advantage of different features of Facebook such as the like button. Comment is also an essential feature that will give you the chance to catch the attention of your target market.
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