How to best use social media marketing for your event

social media marketing for your event

Today, more and more businesses, both big and small, choose to use social media channels to promote their events. Lets discuss some top tips to make a successful social media campaign for your event.

First, use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get the desired crowd. Online social media platforms such as the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram provide a valuable, complimentary method to attract interest. Let’s consider Twitter. It has a number of potential uses for those businesses that are on the lookout to promote themselves online; specifically for event organizers, it offers a direct communication line to potential interested clients. You can also use existing conversations and hashtags in Twitter for your event marketing.

In the same way, make use of the other social media channels. Identifying communities on Facebook, considering Google Plus Circles for relevant subjects, etc. can be valuable sources to draw potential crowds. And, what about Instagram? It has over 300 million monthly users – active users!

Stand out, blog. Well, your event is all set to go and you want to ensure that it is pretty easy to find information about it on search engines. Your website must already be well search engine optimized for your key phrases. Assuming you have done that, the next incredibly valuable step is blogging.

Think of ways to market your event using your blog. Add updates on food, entertainment, sponsors, speakers, venues, timings and other highlights of the event in the blog. Be bold and get more creative. Consider Rich Media – you could in fact film the event organizer speaking about the event. Or think Meerkat or Periscope. Creating valuable, high quality, shareable content regarding your event will surely help increase your rankings and maximize your chances of topping the results when people look for your conference or event by name.

Share in LinkedIn Group. The moment people sign up to attend your event; there are numerous ways to stay in touch with them for updates and other aspects. Giving space for delegates to interact with each other is indeed a great way of keeping up the momentum and garner more interest. LinkedIn is an ideal place to create such a space to know each other, interact and stay updated.

On the other hand, if you have a forum area in your website, you can create such communities there as well. Provided you enjoy an active Facebook following, ensure you create an exclusive Event page there. It is also a good idea to create a separate event group on Google Plus. Another useful stage at this particular stage is email marketing. Make sure you keep people informed with email campaigns on a regular basis so as to build anticipation and excitement.

Create an event hashtag. Hashtags are useful tools on Twitter that link conversations and highlight the main subject of a message. You can use hashtags by merely including the hash symbol in your tweet; follow it by the term or word you wish to highlight. For your event, if you plan to use a Twitter hashtag, ensure you get it exactly out there. Share it on your site, you use it yourself and also encourage exhibitors and speakers (at your event) to share it on their presentations and promotional materials to get maximum reach.

Don’t stop when it is all over. Well, just because the event is over, you don’t have to stop adding value to the significant community you have built. You would have possibly collected a list of all the attendees and also their contact details. An email to all of them thanking them for attending your event is a great way to represent your brand. You can ask the speakers at your event to share their valuable presentation slides to be included in this email. It will be highly useful to people and in fact, it will remind them of the event and keep them interested to be part of your next event. Also, remember those hashtags, pages and groups. So share with them the valuable content of your event. This will help you get a captive audience next time.

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