How to Capture Audience Attention and Create Online Buzz

How to Capture Audience Attention and Create Online Buzz

Online buzz is all about that elusive time when the web is humming with discussion and news about a news story or a celebrity or sometimes a new service or product. Unless you are a mega brand such as Apple, you are not going to have a global online buzz. However, every company, regardless of its size, can take some simple steps to promote buzz around its brand.

Try tweeting a great offer

Many people retweet offers from specific companies. The reason many people retweet is because they get money off their own pockets if they spread the word. In this case, everyone is a winner. So, everyone is a convert, and each one voluntary advertises your brand. You have to make sure that the offer is really good enough.

What about blogging on the subject?

It is an apparent fact that a blog post which is just a sales pitch will not generate any online buzz. But, a useful write up that is inspirited by your latest company offering will be fine. Besides, if it is valuable content, it would be shared, retweeted, discussed and linked to. In fact, you can describe why you are writing the blog; in other words, you can mention new products. Ensure the majority of the write up is something more than just a rave review.

Grab some space on various other blogs

Of course, it is a wonderful idea to chat to a different blogger in your domain and find out if you can place a few guest posts on their sites to coincide with your service launch or new product. Don’t forget that you shouldn’t pitch. Also, make sure that you content is useful.

Provided you are confident about your new product, try getting some coverage from bloggers of high authority. Ask for reviews and feel free to give away some free samples (if your product is not very expensive).

Send mail to potential customers

If you have a customer database, mail them a good discount or a limited voucher which they can use; also, invite them to forward it to their friends and family that might probably be interested. Well, online buzz does not necessarily have to be through public platforms: it is possible for you to generate a lot of interest simply by mailing out a fair offer which makes people feel privileged and that they are allowed to share.

Try finding fans on Facebook

It is a great idea to give your new product some exposure on a renowned social platform such as Facebook. You can target your advertising campaign at your audience who are more likely to choose your products. Create a page wherein people can “like” your brand, comment and share your posts. Moreover, you can choose to pay for advertising that Facebook offers. This will encourage people to like your page; you can then provide them special perks and deals as they are fans. Fans on Facebook will help in spreading your brand awareness, eventually contributing substantially to your online buzz.

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