How to protect your online business reputation

How to protect your online business reputation

When your business has very little or nil online presence, it may become harder to manage its online reputation. In fact, reviews of your business would appear more prominently and needless to say, negative reviews can be very harmful.

If at all a negative review is posted, there is a fat chance for it to show up when the name of your business is searched. And, this will surely harm your reputation. You should take some serious steps to repair the damage as soon as possible.

Handling negative reviews

Bad reviews appearing online can be devastating for your business. Consumers consider the experiences of others while making a decision on where to spend their hard-earned money. Besides, reviews are very popular online. Popular search engines like Google will show up reviews sites and relevant directories when a search for a business name is conducted, and it presents with information of that business at a single click. You should make sure that the information about you in the online media is fair, positive and accurate.

The first step in dealing with a bad review is looking into the reasons that are given by the individual that has posted it. Has he or she given a fair criticism? If it is a valid complaint, try contacting that customer and find out if you can do anything that can resolve the issue. A nice gesture or an apology could go a long way and force them to post a positive review.

How to handle if the review is unreasonable or unfair?

It is true that you cannot please every customer. Some will find faults with almost everything. Sometimes people like just to complain. Whatever the reason be, bad reviews that are exaggerated or false are certainly a significant issue for businesses. You cannot do anything to resolve from the perspective of the customer; however, in some cases, legal steps can be taken to get rid of the review.

Contact the review site and request to remove the review. This will take time as they may get myriads of the similar request and they may not grant your request right away. Some websites remove the review if they find it is clearly false or overly negative. When this fails, a lot of sites offer you the opportunity to key in response or answer from your side. Another choice is legal action against the individual who posted the review, but this is normally expensive, and you don’t have any guarantee that it will be a success.

Reputation management

One of the ideal ways to deal with negative reviews is developing a strong positive online present which outshines the bad content. You can achieve this with the help of reputation management companies.

Embracing and encouraging positive reviews from satisfied customers should see good reviews more than the bad ones.

Also, consider developing your web presence. Sign your business in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Moreover, get your site in order and think of a paid advertising campaign. All these will push the negative content to the back seat and help you shine online.

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