How to Generate Lead through LinkedIn Marketing

How to Generate Lead through LinkedIn Marketing

In content marketing, your handling of the network is all that matters.

It is here that LinkedIn’s publishing platform assumes a crucial role. LinkedIn has become a prime platform for brands to share content. Now that anyone can publish articles on this networking site, companies can now easily target industry influencers, brand advocates, and potential customers all in one place.

LinkedIn today plays a significant role in any constructive online marketing strategy.

Experts aver that visibility is important, but engaging directly with your network will certainly create more concrete business opportunities.

B2B marketers are understandably fond of LinkedIn and for good reason. Please be aware that the platform drives 80 percent of B2B social media leads.

Some people question the importance of publishing on LinkedIn platform when compared to sites like Forbes. Others decry going after the big names when LinkedIn allows them to get so close to their audiences. LinkedIn helps you stay close with customers and influencers in your industry while Forbes articles reach tens of thousands of people and increase your company’s credibility.

Many notable companies such as HubSpot use LinkedIn to republish blog posts, maximizing the number of people reading/sharing their teams’ ideas. LinkedIn provides an ideal venue for publishing insightful, shareable content that’s tailored to your network.

In fact, you can also drive readers to other content that you have published by linking to them in your article. LinkedIn advertising can generate quality traffic to landing pages that invite your audience to sign up for more articles and information.

LinkedIn can also play a variety of roles in your content strategy. So use LinkedIn judiciously whether you’re using it to create visibility or generate leads. LinkedIn articles will prove great for bringing in new business.

It’s just a matter of figuring out how to make LinkedIn work for your company’s betterment.

Sadly, many people see LinkedIn only as a place to look for jobs and nothing more. But there are some thinking businesses that have taken the content opportunities on LinkedIn.

It is noteworthy that Bill Gates publishes as a LinkedIn Influencer, and the company regularly shares blog posts relevant to industry insiders as also the general public. Microsoft starts conversations with readers and keeps them coming back for new insights.

Follow the right strategies to create your successful LinkedIn participation and start directing qualified leads to your brand.

Create an editorial calendar to stay consistent. Use LinkedIn platform to stay in front of your network by consistently publishing quality content.

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