How to respond to negative online reviews

How to respond to negative online reviews

It is common knowledge that there’s a right way and wrong way to do things, and there is no middle path.

Being fascinated with responding to online reviews is an unusual talent. When someone posts something negative about your business, your obvious first reaction would be one of annoyance. Your reaction may be absolutely natural, but that’s not going to be helpful – particularly for business owners.

Managing a business’s online reputation has a key objective – to present a clear picture of your business for potential customers. In learning what’s being said online, consumers will form certain ideas and expectations of your company. Trust automatically develops once you deliver on those expectations.

You must evolve the right strategies for your online reputation management. You should be keenly aware of the feedback from your customers and keep ready your response to them. But quite often the reactive reply sends precisely the wrong signals.

To succeed you should be proactive and you should offer a savvy, helpful response. When you respond to negative reviews, it’s not just a reply to that customer because the whole world would see your reaction and that will also be evidence for all your future customers to consider.

Please know that three-star reviews most often convey a disappointment in your business, and they should be instantly remedied with simple fixes. You can easily turn a three-star into a five-star review with your timely appropriate response. You must make sure not to bungle that opportunity.

You have to take naturally bad reviews with a grain of salt, but you should welcome all criticisms and respond suitably and promise to work hard to learn and grow from them.

Try everything possible to please the negative reviewer. If you act swiftly and sincerely remedy the situation, rest assured the concerned customer will turn into your brand ambassador.

The business must reach out personally and try to assuage the worked up feelings of the reviewer.

In treating the reality of a bad review, you should be able to cleverly turn it into an excellent positive feeling. If you do that, lots of people will spontaneously become your customers – in sheer admiration of your customer care.

There is nothing hard and fast when it comes to negative reviews. To contain the damage, it’s ideal to employ a trained person to monitor and respond to negative reviews—someone with empathy, patience and emotional maturity, who is also an adept communicator.

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