How to handle Online Reputation Crisis

How to handle Online Reputation Crisis

When compared with offline downturn on the internet, online reputation crisis management requires you to definitely be first, always be right, become reputable and stay empathetic. Learn to check your web reputation, monitor what people assert in regards to you as well as your company and how to revert back quickly, as well as efficiently, to a on-line turmoil using social media and other online tools is very critical to successfully handle online reputation crisis.


Closely monitoring search results,social search and forums will make sure the negative results are handled at the start rather than being indexed in search engines like Google,Yahoo and Bing and getting blown up totally by unprecedented online criticism which will grow manifold if not monitored and responded properly online.There are many times bad comments are not visible in search but very much happening in forums,which will not get cached in search results and there are tons of forums which dont get cached by the search engines but these forums will get the negative sentiments carried forth many fold virally if it is not monitored and responded properly online.

Saturate Search Results

Using positive content  as a reputation tool to saturate search engine results will make sure the negative results are pushed down and positive results take control of the top search pages online in the search results.This will not only create positive impression but also make sure the negative results are pushed and not seen online again.This need to be on a ongoing basis to get clear and precise results.

Please find below some more tips which will help you survive an online personal / brand crisis.

  • Convey genuine concern.
  • Discuss what exactly is it, not necessarily your own defense.
  • Describe a credible alternative.
  • Aspect (or even rise) the important problem beside a better solution.
  • Come out as a leader.

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