How to Take Charge of Your Social Media Usage

How to Take Charge of Your Social Media Usage

Taking full advantage of social media marketing can be a daunting task but the rewards can be enormous as well. Most of the major social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter connect us with people across the globe while you stay where you are. It is indeed fascinating, and social media is a veritable boon of the internet age.

The problem is social media can be an addiction, and you may not turn off your computer and do something else. People complain that their fingers pain from excessively using the keyboard. The legs are stiff and hurt, but the joy of participating in social media is immense and highly rewarding.

People take pride that they posted new photos to Instagram, made several tweets and posted to their Facebook page. They sometimes feel it’s time to cut the cord to the computer, but the lure of social media persists.

You need to cultivate fresh habits so that you are not overly dependent on social media for entertainment, gossiping, social interactions, etc. The best way to lessen your social media addiction is to develop a plan that will enable you to wean yourself at a calibrated pace from social media.

Set up a time schedule when you allow yourself to be interactive on social media and strictly adhere to it. Be consistent with this time, and it will be like a date that you would enjoy.

Exercise some forethought and decide how much time you can afford to spend on social media each day. Make Sunday is a free day. You can choose to ignore social media on that day or be on it as much as you would wish.

Set up a timetable – allow the hours you want to spend on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other leading social media sites. Visit that site at the scheduled day and time without any violations.

When you follow your schedule, give yourself a small gift. Although it sounds silly, it works all the time.

Resist the temptation to visit social media at other times. Go to the library and find interesting books to read. Make sure you have some hobby ready to fill the time. You can also draw up a favorite list of what you need to do at home. You can do some gardening or clean your car or take a walk.

Get out of your comfort zone (house or office) and try to stay away from your computer. Try to spend on the computer on more productive things. If the temptation is difficult to handle, turn off or disable your access to social media sites on your tablet and phone.

Be determined and repeatedly tell yourself you can do this! Eventually, you will succeed and wonder at the whole lot of things you could achieve staying away from the computer

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