How to Increase User Engagement on Websites and Social Media

How to Increase User Engagement on Websites and Social Media

There are quite a few ways you can improve engagement on your web and social media sites – though all of them are not equally simple. But here are some proven and simple ways to increase user engagement and help you obtain better results. Try to use more visuals in your content. The visuals however have to be of high quality and also relevant.

Studies suggest that posts that include images are 200% more effective, and if you post video content, it increases engagement by a whopping 200% when compared to only using text posts.

It is said that consumers believe that the visual design elements of your online presence (such as your websites and social media pages) are extremely important in determining credibility. Thus, liberally use visuals to drive home your message, while strengthening your overall credibility.

Another great way to enhance engagement is by publishing content more often. Please understand that there are certain peak hours during the day as also peak days during the week when users are most active. Schedule your content postings accordingly.

This will provide a fabulous start and create the consistency you need. The truth is that there’s substantially much more to gain from publishing content more often and at the right times, and only a few companies are aware of this fact.

Another golden rule is – get your audience more involved. Audience engagement increases substantially when you actively involve them. This can be achieved by just providing the audience with a “Call-to-Action” at the end of the content you publish. Request them for their feedback or to share the content.

Another important thing for higher engagement is taking right targeting. Please know that the web, and especially social media, are dynamic in nature. You need to find the pulse of your targeted audience and be receptive to their behavior. Be aware of the trends and other preferences which motivate your audience. This will enable you produce timely and more attractive posts that will increase engagement.

Needless to say, cross-promote your content to leverage more. Never get into the habit of only promoting your business, it’s extremely beneficial to find relevant products or services that share similar demographics. Work smarter by collaborating with other businesses and professionals that can mutually benefit from cross-promotion efforts.

Start with social share buttons. As a business, you must already be running your blogs. A great business blog can become the social foundation of your website.

Another effective method is to hold photo contest as it creates visual appeal and visuals dominate socially shared content.

Capitalize on Crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing doesn’t have to be complicated. You should be asking your site visitors for their opinions and then acting on them. It’s a brilliant method of both engaging your market and making your website interactive.

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