Local SEO Tips for Small Business


You need to know about local SEO to help your small business to thrive. A local SEO is similar to regular SEO, but the difference is that it s being optimized to attain local search result. Today, search engines can show local search results that are based on your location. This is the reason why it is very important for small businesses to focus on local SEO.

Being a small business, your business is only limited in a particular place, area or location. This makes local SEO an imperative part of your search marketing strategy. With this kind of strategy, you will know more about your target market and the type of customers you need for your business. This is the main advantage of listing your website to local search results. You need keywords that will target customers around your area. The best thing that you can do is to perform a keyword search and find out how chosen keywords are listed. You can make several changes according to the search result.

  • You need to know that business address is a priority in local SEO. If you want to rank in local SEO, then you need to give priority with your contact address. Your contact details and address must be given importance within your website. This is something that is irrelevant with regular SEO.

  • You should not focus on Google because there many other search engines that people use around the world. You need to know the popular search engine people use. You can do it by surveying your customers and clients. You can ask them what search engine they commonly use for searches.

  • Reviews and citations can help you rank better in Google.  You can request some of your customer to give genuine reviews about your product or services, but make sure that they are satisfied with your offerings.

  • Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can help in local SEO. Most of your friends in different social media websites are locals, so it will be helpful if you can increase Social Media presence. This is also important in regular SEO. You can improve your brand name if you can make your business popular in different social media networks.

  • In any SEO whether local or regular, content is a vital aspect. Ranking and search engine results are highly based on content that you have in your website. Quality content with backlinks can help in indexing. Sites with regular content update are very attractive to Google bots.

  • Today, many people use smartphone and search online using their mobile phones. It is helpful if you can optimize your website for mobile users. Android phones already have Google application installed within the phone for users.

If you have small business, then you need to make sure that you opt for local SEO, so you can become number one locally and customers around your area will find your business online.

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