Managing your online reputation in the social media world

Managing your online reputation in the social media world

Online reputation management is the art of managing your personal and/or brand reputation, suppressing immediately all online contents which are damaging and highlighting the positive reviews/comments.

The grim fact is many people and business houses are terribly scared of the social media that they may lose control of their online reputation. It is unfortunately true that once your business gets into the social media world and establishes contacts with the public, you run the risk of disgruntled customers and hostile competitors waiting to spread disinformation and discredit your business.

The plain truth is we are living in an interconnected digital world where social media opinion, if not professionally managed, can work against you and irreparably damage your reputation in the social world.  But for this reason, it will be a terrible mistake if business houses neglect social media and not take advantage of the immense SMM (Social Media Marketing) benefits.

If your business is fearful to take part in the social web, please remember you will be at the losing end. The fact is everyone is basically entitled to say what they think about you and your business even if you are not active on the social web. Instead, it is saner that you give them a place to interact with you and provide yourself an opportunity to comment upon and/or negate what they say.

In today’s scenario, you have little choice but to be actively present in the social media. Here are some useful tips to preserve your online reputation management.

Do not forget that many social media platforms are ideal places for useful customer service. If consumers are having complaints regarding your products/services or they are asking for some clarifications, you can provide effective solutions in the social media. Not answering to negative reviews and adverse comments in the social media can be suicidal in the long run.

If you confront any negative comments online, deal with them in a professional and transparent manner – rather than running away. Any silence on your part in the social world can be misconstrued as your being guilty and unprofessional and customer will be apprehensive of patronizing you. More importantly, do not get angry or indignant when you read adverse comments about your business. Instead try to be polite and persuasive in your replies.

ORM (Online Reputation Management) in the social world calls for special skills and if you can not handle things, there is no harm in hiring the services of ORM professionals.

Your Turn:

What is your online reputation strategy ? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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