How Millennials Can Use LinkedIn

How Millennials Can Use LinkedIn

Members of the millennial generation are well versed with social media. However one of the social media sites that the millennial generation should pay special attention is LinkedIn.

Millennials must know that LinkedIn is essentially a social networking site used by professionals and businessmen to connect with one another. It has been proven by many companies to be quite successful in promoting their brand and business objectives.

LinkedIn holds incredible benefits to young professionals who properly use LinkedIn, especially when entering the work force. However, in order to reap the total benefits, you must exploit LinkedIn to its full potential.

To profitably use LinkedIn, millennials must be bold and forthright. When completing your profile, make sure you make it unique and provide exhaustive information. Add skills and experience that are valuable and relevant. Showcase your accomplishments so that you stand apart in a crowd.

Try not to mention details about jobs you may have had in high school that have little to no relevance to the future job you hope to land. Desist from referring to all trivial experiences that will not add value to your profile.

LinkedIn – like any other social media – is all about engagement and connection. After all, LinkedIn is essentially a professional Facebook. However it is important to realize that in order to maximize your presence on LinkedIn, you must be choosy about whom you connect with. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, be smart about who and what you connect with on LinkedIn.

Using LinkedIn purposefully may be intimidating but proactive participation on LinkedIn can be highly rewarding. Showing that you are active on LinkedIn gives prospective employers the notion that you are dedicated and aspire to have a professional career.

If you are in your late twenties, entering into the real outside world can be challenging. The thought of continuing under parental care may petrify you, but so will the thought of being on your own. Do what you do best, socialize on LinkedIn, and you will profit from the benefits of a successful career launch.

If you are jobless or underemployed one powerful tool at your disposal is LinkedIn. You will have to be on it, sign up for an account, and post an appealing version of your resume.  Connect with your entire network – consolidate all your networks into LinkedIn. Strategically stalk the people that can help you get where you want. Use basic SEO to rank well for keywords related to your career.

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