Misconceptions CEOs Have About SEO Marketing

Misconceptions CEOs Have About SEO Marketing

There have been numerous misconceptions CEOs are having about SEO marketing. These misconceptions are often the result of unsubstantiated assumptions or outdated knowledge. Here are some popular misconceptions that the CEOs must try to get rid of.

Meta tags are crucial for Google ranking. Back in 2009 Google had announced that the Meta Description and Meta Keywords tags are no longer ranking factors within their search algorithm. Try to omit the Meta Keywords tag entirely from your webpages. You may however utilize Meta Descriptions. While they may not have an impact on your Google rankings, they still influence the search engine results pages.

A common misconception is – the quantity of links to my website matters a lot. Of course, links are important for SEO. Please know that the quantity of links to your website does not matter; it’s all about the quality of your links. One link from a website with high authority will often outweigh many more from less reputable sources.

The popular misconception is stuffing content with keywords will achieve great rankings. This common myth needs to be debunked. This perception runs deep as many SEO’s also believe there is a magic keyword density that should be observed for optimal performance. Please focus on writing fantastic content for the benefit of your visitors first and do not artificially interpolate keywords.

CEOs believe that SEO is a magic wand that can produce instant results. Search Experience Optimization’ as user experience plays a significant role in the effectiveness of any SEO campaign. Consider SEO as a long term investment in your website. Expanding your user experience will help your content to eventually gain the attention it deserves. Don’t set out to manipulate the search algorithms for short term gains.

Another misconception is SEO work carried out in isolation by a single dedicated employee. The tasks of SEO cannot be carried out without the input or direct support of other departments. SEO has to become a company-wide endeavour As content marketing and SEO become more and more interconnected, all departments – marketing and non-marketing – need to be involved in SEO brainstorming and tasks.

Content Marketing and SEO are two components closely related, and it’s now impossible to have one without the other. However, each has a distinct place within online marketing, and neither should be performed at the expense of the other.

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