Online Branding: How to build your brand on periscope

Online Branding: How to build your brand on periscope

Periscope- The new sensational app to build your brand

Periscope is a live video streaming application for iOS and Android. This platform allows people to share live video streams, and those are usually not available for repeated viewing. Through this live streaming platform, many companies have started to gain attention from new audiences and potential customers to their broadcasts. This has become one of the most effective ways to build followers for a particular brand. This is the latest sensation in broadcasting using which companies are promoting their brands as well as earning loyal viewing figures.

Brands are using Periscope to scope their runway shows or to make an announcement about their product launch or for press events or even to get a sneak peek behind the scenes; be it the green room of a celebrity, parties of famous sports persons, and so on.

Building your brand and community on Periscope
1. Opportunity to assist your target audience
The target audience for the brand might find the business shares interesting and useful. Providing some useful information, entertainment and insight into the brand to the viewers who tunes into your channel might promote them to follow your future streams.
2. Live-stream in a consistent schedule
During initial streaming, you could try and scope your videos in different timings to figure out the time that target audience spends on your scope. Once that is decided, you could follow a particular routine in which the videos are streamed. This promotes interaction with your viewers.
3. Interact with your loyal fans
Unlike YouTube, Periscope is not a channel where you could view the same video repeatedly.
Periscope is a live Snapchat, and the content is nowhere available after the moment is gone. So, this becomes an engaging platform where you get a chance to interact and spend time with viewers, answering their questions, getting feedback within the loyal viewers. This guarantees an increase in followers to the brand.
4. Promote yourself on social media platforms
Since this is a new application and has a limited set of audience, advertising your scopes on other popular social platforms plays a vital role. You could use tweets to advertise your scope in advance.
5. Engage with others scopes
Another famous trick to gain viewers on social media platforms is to engage in others scopes. Along with hosting your scopes, you could choose to spend some time on other scopes to give hearts or to leave valuable comments. This will bring in loyal fans from the targeted set of audience.

Here are some of the examples in which brands have used Periscope to promote themselves:
Red Bull shows famous sports stars partying or goofing around; Audi shares the video of a professional racing driver playing video games while playing a racing simulator, Mountain Dew giving away free merchandise to its viewers, British Museum offering live online tours through Periscope and the list goes on.

Many brands are little skeptical to use Periscope as they do not want to make any mistakes while live streaming which might affect their brand value. But this is worth the risk as Periscope has its set of advantages.

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