Social Hiring: How to Get the Best Talent

Social Hiring: How to Get the Best Talent

Choosing the Right Talent for your Organization

A crucial factor in building a successful business is to hire right talents in the right positions, be it a startup company or a well-established organization. In this competitive world, recruiting the best people is more than critical. Talented people are around the place, but it requires an eagle eye to zero-in the employees.

If it is a startup company, they can’t afford to lose time and money with a bad hiring choice because the cost of finding, hiring and training employees are high. Startups could gain a competitive edge over other companies by recruiting a bunch of handpicked talented people who have a commitment towards the job and the company. It’s also a crucial factor to make sure that those employees are not here gaining experience just to get better opportunities.

So, how to hire the best? Here are strategies to zero-in on the best talents:

• Pay well

It takes a competitive salary paycheck and benefits to attract good people. This comes first in the priority list. Social media is the best platform to advertise about your company and the position. Provide an interesting job description, skills that are required, salary and the benefits that the company is offering and other pertinent details about the vacancy. Make sure that the advertisement gets noticed by potential job seekers. It’s always important to provide a great working environment along with the salary.

• Provide Flexible and Comfortable Workplace

Seeing past a fat paycheck, nobody prefers working in an environment which is compelling or unpleasant. Workplace atmosphere is much important for a quality work. Be sure to provide flexible working hours and/or work from home options occasionally. Also, provide good perks to the employees like a gym membership, occasional free team lunches, Happy Hour nights, day outs to some resorts, etc. Arranging fun activities at the office and providing a quality vacation time for employees releases the stress and make them more productive.

Providing an amazing work culture and comfortable office setting to the employees also becomes a value add. As an example to quote, who wouldn’t love to work in an exciting environment which Google provides its employees! Spending some time away from the cubicles with coworkers at a relaxing space also helps new ideas to spark in.

Share such pictures of happy employees on social media platforms to attract potential job seekers. After all, happy employees are productive workers. Such employees get a great feel for office and stick on to the company for years to come.

• Be innovative

The Fortune 100 companies are increasing their productivity with innovative ideas such as Four Hour Work Week or moving out of traditional corporate rules to revamp their business, or even an ROWE (Results Only Work Environment) work culture and much more. Smart people with extraordinary skill set will get attracted by such innovative ideas.

Only a right kind of company can find right kind of talent. Instead of sticking to the old traditional corporate approach; tweak your strategies to hire the best workforce and to increase your productivity.

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