Online Perception Management: How to build social media trust

Online Perception Management: How to build social media trust

Build your Brand’s Trust Factor using Social Media

Using social media platform for business marketing is the new sensation in this internet-era. Statistics reveal that many Fortune 100 companies are effectively building their brand’s trust factor using social media. But still there are few out there in the market trying to discover and utilize the power of social media marketing. Since there is a lot of exaggerated or sometimes even fake information out there on the internet regarding the brands, it becomes a crucial for companies to build trust with the potential customers and to build a thriving relationship with them. So, it is really important for any business to ensure that the accurate information about the brand reaches the potential audience.

Brands get a chance to interact directly with the customers using social media platforms and trust being the crucial element to gain confidence in the brand.

Here are some of the ways through which brands can build their trust factor using social media platforms:

1. Share your brand reviews and ratings

Encourage users to share their comments, reviews or ratings about your brand or product through social media brand page. It’s a great marketing trick to share those statistics online on your other platforms.

2. Share customer testimonials online

If a customer has spent his valuable time to give a valuable feedback on your brand through a testimonial, do share it on your bands social media page. Make sure that the customers notice that you value and appreciate customer’s feedback.

3. Share the actual conversations and mentions about your brand

To build a great trust, it is important to show people that the conversations or mentions about your brand are real and not just automated for advertising purpose. This also allows customers to view mentions about your brand which boosts loyal fans and realize how your brand is ‘trustworthy.’

4. Share the actual numbers that your brand has achieved

Share the real numbers that your brand has achieved which could be the number of awards received or could be the number of customers who bought your product or could be the number of customers serviced over a period of time or could be the number of years from which the brand is thriving etc. Write a blog about this quoting the feedback of happy customers and post it on your social media pages.

5. Share the recognitions which the brand has received
Share the information about awards or recognitions about the brand or services on your social media platforms. Advertising pages are filled with the word ‘best’ or ‘recognized’ or ‘awards’; but how do customers ensure that those are trust-worthy or genuine? So, make sure always to include relevant links to such information to claim that the recognitions are from authentic sources.

Social media is a great platform for digital marketing and using it in a right way with proper strategies, and factual information will be a value-add to your brand. This definitely boosts your sales and increases the reputation.

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