Online Reputation: How To Delete Your Digital Footprint

Online Reputation: How To Delete Your Digital Footprint

Wiping out a digital footprint could be your saving grace, especially with regards to any mistake, stupid comments, embarrassing photos and other similar occurrences.

When you are a business with a strong online presence, then you want to defend your reputation every way you can. This could sometimes mean going back and deleting all traces you have left that could end up ruining your otherwise excellent image. Below are the best tips you can use to remove digital footprint and probably start all over on a more positive note.

1. Make changes to your social media accounts such as Facebook. Changing the setting in Privacy section so that it remains private and opposed to shared, you will be able to limit what people can see and share. It is also an excellent idea to check all photos on social media accounts where you are tagged. If you find them inappropriate, then, by all means, untag yourself because it is possible.

2. Delete accounts that carry too much of your digital footprint. Accounts such as those on Google Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr are easy to delete. When you delete, all comments you make on the accounts will disappear hence erasing a good percent of your digital past.

3. Use search engines to find traces you have left behind and then take action accordingly. It may not be that possible to convince some sites like newspapers to remove content about you especially if you have appeared on stories and news but for some other sites, it would be very possible to have the content removed.

4. Try and get rid of posts that you uploaded on forums if possible. Have a compelling reason as to why you wish to have the post removed and then approach the administrator of the site in the politest way possible to get it removed. Remember the method you use could mean an even more widespread visibility of what you are trying hard to cover. Be reasonable about how you go about the process.

5. Remove all photos added to sites like Facebook and Flickr. Another good approach would be to search Google Images and see what comes in the results. Adding quotes around your name makes it easier for you to get better results and then you can visit the sites containing the photos to remove them.

6. Keep up with regular searches so you get to know when any updates or posts are made about you so you can keep your image clean. The sooner you manage to get rid of things that could taint your image, then easier the time you will have trying to erase digital footprint.

It will be quite tedious to expunge yourself from the internet, especially when you have had a lot of activity in the past. Starting somewhere will, however, help you reduce the footprint and even keep your reputation intact.

Plunge right in and start cleaning up your image by erasing all negative digital footprint.

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