Pinterest tips and tricks for business

Pinterest tips and tricks for business

Pinterest just keeps on growing and has attained strength of 70 million users. Once you have got the hang on pins and boards and repinning, you might wonder what else there is to Pinterest. Pinterest can help your business grow if only you know and use some of the less known tricks.

The strategy – of simply pinning your own images and expecting others to repin – will not carry you far. You must seriously engage with others by repinning content. One assured way to develop new followers is to tag the original pinner in the description section.

There is a misconception that Pinterest users are on the site only for merrymaking. This is untrue as many Pinterest users are there to shop. When you are selling your products on Pinterest, make sure to include a price tag on the image. It is reported that pins with price tags attract 35 % more likes than those without price tags.

Think of innovative ways to include products with apt keywords that pinners will probably search for. Pinterest search analytics are lot less complex than those of Google and other web search engines. When uploading content, make sure to employ rich keywords as part of the image’s file name. Even assuming you are marketing a concept instead of a product, you can still use right SEO techniques for better results.

It is of paramount importance that you inspire confidence and make pinners believe that you are trustworthy when verifying your business. It is indeed a very easy process on Pinterest’s website that simply confirms your website. Users must appreciate that you are verified and it also provides you access to Pinterest’s analytics.

 Pinterest’s analytics will provide you tremendous insight on whatever you are doing perfect and indicate areas that need improvement.

Your success on Pinterest depends on your focus groups. Tracking pinners who follow your brand can provide you a wealth of information about your target buyers. By following these pinners and assessing what else they’re pinning or liking or commenting on, you can obtain significant trends about your audience.

Even assuming you are not selling a tangible product, Pinterest can help promote your brand. In Pinterest pin, niche industry specific infographics, slides, charts or other visual components. Make sure to use photos on your website/blogs so that visitors can pin those images as well.

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