Pros and Cons of Social Media Marketing Automation

Pros and Cons of Social Media Marketing Automation

For small and midsize business owners, automation tools can be incredibly helpful. But, like all tools, relying too heavily on social media automation may be disadvantageous.

Sustaining a brand identity and a robust personality on social media is a crucial part of the customer relationship management. Thus, social media marketing automation can be counterproductive if not used correctly.

Please remember that it is inadvisable that you indiscriminately automate all functions of social media marketing.Please also bear in mind that automation is not engagement, and when it goes wrong, the repercussions could be terribly awful.

Having said that, it is certainly worth curating your content and deciding what can be scheduled and triggered. Automating your RSS feed or blog posts may be rewarding. But, never ever automate customer interactions as that could be pernicious.

Even if you have a team of dedicated employees working 24×7, there will be occasions when you may have an employee available to post on your behalf. Planning your posts is a fabulous way to maintain a consistent online presence.

Having a planned schedule of posting for the immediate future means you can assuredly post the right content at the right time and create the right impact.

In fact, most tools such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Buffer, Yoono, Postcron and Social Oomph have scheduling functions.

Digital automation tools that can connect apps to channels and feeds to documents, SMS to your social media marketing dashboard, a host of data streams are available in the market. You can access tools that can automate processes across platforms and apps.

With unique tools like IFTTT (If This Then That) and Zapier, you can in fact archive social posts for analyzing in the future.

Overseeing your social media engagements and feeding that data back into your automation will be certainly worthwhile. You can fine tune the process so that you can know which marketing content performs best and when.

Automation tools like SocialBro, Mention, Tweriod and Hubspot Social Inbox are eminently suited for this process, and they are indeed compatible with other well-known automation tools.

The biggest blessing of automation is you get a lot of free time, and you can spend more time networking and connecting with the people that are helpful to your business and focus more on high-level customer engagement.

Be mindful of some of the pitfalls. With too much automation at your command, do not forget that staying relevant is just as important as being consistent. Scrupulously avoid scheduling too much.

Never be afraid of occasionally violating your well-crafted schedule and post some startling content – it will excite your audience and bring them closer to you.

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