How to Remove False Negative Defamatory Reviews

How to Remove False Negative Defamatory Reviews

Are you looking forward to find ways to maintain a positive image of your company in the digital world? The first thing that you have to do in this respect is to remove all the negative reviews about your organization from

The contribution of in enlightening the young job-seekers about the different career opportunities can never be underestimated. The site helps people to find jobs that perfectly suit their profile, irrespective of their locations or their qualifications. However, has its negative side too!

People may publish negative reviews about a certain company, thus repelling candidates from seeking jobs in those companies. There have also been instances of employees defaming the organization where they publish false content related to the higher officials of the same.

So it is high time that you had learnt the ways of removing the negative stuffs published about your business in The following advices will prove helpful for you in this respect:

  • You may click the “inappropriate” link if you find the content “false”, “defamatory” or “abusive” in any sense. The moderators of will analyze the situation and get back to you shortly.
  • You can also obtain a court order to support your claim if you find that your accusation is against law and order. Taking legal help will always consolidate your position.
  • You can invite other employees or other people who are aware of the credibility of your organization to publish positive reviews about your company. If a number of positive reviews about your organization floods, they will outdo the impact of the negative reviews to a large extent.
  • You can avail the services of an agency that has its experience in handling matters of this type. Such an agency will help you to nullify the negative effects of the reviews and help you to maintain the positive impression that people have about you. They will be of immense help to you since they have their expertise in the following matters:
  • They have an in-depth knowledge about the terms and conditions of
  • They are aware of the legal matters associated with the issue under consideration.
  • They will be acquainted with the technical steps that need to be taken for the whole idea to be successful.
  • They will help you to get positive reviews about your company from different sources.

All these will help you to maintain a positive image of your brand and encourage top talents to be a part of your company.

        Now the question is how to choose the right agency that can serve purposes?

There are many agencies that will claim to help you in all these aspects related to the removal of negative reviews and the nullification of their impact by flooding Glassdoor with positive reviews about your organization. But improper selection of the agency may lead a huge loss in your funding without causing any benefits to you. Here are the things that you need to keep in mind for choosing the right service provider for yourself:

  • It should believe in the pay-for-performance strategy where you will only have to pay for the benefits that you experience. So there are no questions of making the payment without any fruitfulness.
  • The company should be a trusted one with a good reputation in the market.
  • You can look for the online reviews to understand which company is the most suitable one in this respect. The ratings that a company gets are a proof of its credibility and performance.
  • You can take the suggestions of a friend who has undergone similar problems with his organization and sought help from such an agency regarding the same.
  • It should also remove the corresponding links from the search engine after successfully removing the negative reviews.

Any agency that satisfies the above criteria can be regarded as a suitable agency for the purpose.

So do not panic if you find negative reviews about your organization being published. Instead take help of the strategies discussed above to remove the reviews and replace them by positive ones instead or contact us to discuss things further!

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