How to suppress push remove negative links from Google

Suppressing , pushing and removing negative links from Google is not as difficult as you have always thought them to be! It has been one of the primary concerns of a business since long to push the negative search results down and allow only the positive ones to prevail. There are a lot of easy and simple ways by means of which you can make this possible:

  • Manage your own public profiles: It is important to create profiles in as many social networking sites as possible. This will allow you to post more and more contents and thus increase the number of positive links. These positive links will outbalance the negative ones. So, firstly create your profiles in the sites like Twiter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook, Google+ and other similar profiles.

Most people create their profiles only in two or three sites like Facebook and Twitter and ignore the others like Quora, Reddit, Pinterest, Flickr, Foursquare etc. But it should be kept in mind that creating profiles in all these sites is equally important. Also, make sure that you handle all these profiles yourself without employing other people for the purpose and adjust the privacy settings according to your requirements. Take care that the creation of these profiles does not pave the way for establishing negative links about you.

  • Establish Links: Mere creation of profiles will not help you. You need to establish connection between the different social media profiles.
  • Start commenting: Comment actively in the different blogposts, social media contents and discussion forums while making sure that your comments are spell-checked, proof-read and contextual. Posting these contents should add value to your followers by furnishing them with information or motivating them to think. Use the same profile name as Twitter to make comments so that people can easily identify.
  • Turn the negative keywords into positive ones: This sounds strange but is not impossible to implement. For instance, if you find that the key phrase “XYZ company controversy 2014” yields negative results, create positive links with a similar key phrase. For example, if you find that a controversy that took place in the year 2012 went in the favor of the company, you can create links with respect to “XYZ company controversy 2012” so that when people search by typing “XYZ company controversy”, the autosuggestion by Google is “XYZ company controversy 2012” (which is positive) rather than “XYZ company controversy 2014” that is negative.
  • Convince the creators: You can also convince the people who created such negative links about you to withdraw the same since it might not be possible for you to remove the links by some other means. You can request them in this respect and they would listen if they are not determined to make you experience loss or destruction. You can also convince them in many other ways. Professional intervention might also be required in this matter.
  • Look for positive keywords and key phrases: Make a list of the positive keywords and key phrases that can be used instead of the negative ones. Now let these keywords be used for searching quite a number of times so that the impact of the negative ones are lessened. Before this, you should note down the keyword volumes associated with each keyword. This will help you to analyze the situation in a better way.
  • Ask the authorities to remove the link: There are basically two ways by which you can get these links removed from the web. You can take legal action or ask the concerned authorities to remove the links. This can only be done if the links are in violation against some existing law or rule. Otherwise you can request the website owners to put those links down. They can modify the page as per your requirements.

So these are the ways by which one can suppress, push and remove negative links from Google. This will help a business to maintain a positive impression about itself among its target customers or an individual to remove all the negative publicities that he is dealing with.

What next: Let negative links not be an issue anymore! Take the initiatives mentioned above and watch them get removed soon or Contact us to know more about “How to suppress and push remove negative links from Google” at an affordable cost!!!

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