Google AutoSuggest and Autocomplete Removal Services

Google AutoSuggest and Autocomplete Removal Services

Did you know that the Google autosuggest and autocomplete options might put your business in trouble? So far you have regarded them as helpful options which allow you to save the time and energy for typing.

However, these two elements may also have a negative impact upon your business since they might prompt the potential customers to select an item for search which you do not want them to view.

As a result, these people come to know about the negative aspects of your company such as controversies, lawsuits, complaints etc. and you lose your credibility to them.

The autosuggest and autocomplete options may lead to a huge loss for your business and may even put your hard-earned reputation of the company at stake! They are thus potential threats to an organization and must be removed at any cost.

Not only a business, these options may ruin the image of an individual as well since it will suggest users to search for negative stuffs related to that person.

The removal of these Google suggestions can be done in the following ways:

  • Analyzing the Keyword Volumes: Say, for instance, the negative key phrase that you want to prevent your users from searching is “XYZ company lawsuit”. So first of all, the volume of this particular keyword or key-phrase must be determined. Generally keywords having a lesser volume are easy to be removed.
  • Gather all the Positive Keywords and Key Phrases: The next step is to make a list of the different positive keywords or phrases which you want the users to search for. These key words or phrases are meant for leading the users to the useful information related to the company under consideration such as their email address, telephone number or other contact details of the company, the products or services offered by them and a lot more.

It is better to choose keywords which appear as anchor texts on the content of your website or keywords found in the contents of your web pages. Keywords preferred by the sites like Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. hold more values and are thus widely preferred.

  • Ask People to Search for these Positive Keywords: Google creates its list of autosuggestions from the keywords used by others to search the net. Once you have created this list of positive keywords, you need people to actually search for these keywords. Searches made by the people from a crowdsourced platform are not acceptable. You need real people to search the net using these positive keywords. You can get this done by organizations that provide professionals for the purpose. These people have a network of users who will search for the positive keywords against the payment you make and thus help the positive keywords to be popularised instead of the negative ones.
  • Proper Maintenance: Once you are done with all the steps, you will find that the negative suggestions being removed from Google and positive ones replacing them. Now it is your duty to maintain them so that you can continue enjoying the benefits of autosuggest and autocomplete removal. It has to be kept in mind in this respect that the lists of keywords suggested by Google changes frequently. So, there’s no reason to think that you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the strategies you have adopted forever. You need to consider this is an important part of your online marketing agenda and take part in the regular maintenance of the same.

So these are the things that you need to do or get done for removing the autosuggest or autocomplete options of Google. It is better to avail these services from a reputed organization that specialises at rendering them. There are many fraud companies that will promise to help you in this respect but will not be able to provide you the right service and meet your requirements. So it is advisable to avoid such companies. You can select better ones by going through the reviews made in the various websites.

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