Reputation Management: How to Enhance your Social Profile

Reputation Management: How to Enhance your Social Profile

All businesses that have internet presence must bestow attention to online reputation management and in today’s internet scenario there can be no escape from it. As part of online reputation management, you must enhance your social profile.

It is crucial for business houses to constantly monitor and promptly respond to positive as well as negative things that are said about them online.

Social Media in the last decade has grown at a rapid pace, dramatically transforming the internet through its ability to connect and bring people closer.

Social Media helps businesses reach out to their customers and prospects and communicate with them.

Social media plays a pivotal role in helping prospective buyers make purchase decisions. 70% of prospective buyers look for reviews online while 80% rely on reviews from other consumers.

Today, there is no better place to look for reviews than social media. Surveys reveal that 23 percent of disgruntled customers post adverse reviews in the internet whereas less than 10 percent of satisfied customers post favorable reviews.

This amply demonstrates the importance of online reputation management and how ORM can directly affect your sales and bottom line revenue.

Therefore, the onus is on you to enhance your social media profile. This is necessary to optimize the impact of your social media marketing efforts.

You have to constantly upgrade your social network profiles and adhere to the image sizing requirements on social networks.

If your customer arrives on your social media page and sees your profile picture as either too small or unduly large, they may form a bad impression.

Provide keyword-rich text on all your social profiles. SEO and keywords continue to be important because search engines deliver social network profiles in their results.

Many new social networks have emerged since you first developed your SMM strategy. Reassess your social sites and use the directory to identify new places to create your profile and build a presence for your business.

SMM experts opine “You must make sure your presence is optimized. Make sure the bios/profiles for your social media accounts are complete and that they include clear and concise descriptions of your business, your company logo, and your website URL.”

Often, businesses pay undue attention to the visual elements of their social profiles. While visuals may be necessary, never forget to elaborately complete the bio portions.

Make it a point to review your social bios every three months to ensure they are in conformity with your current value proposition. Also, select prominent places for social network links.

Remember to update your website with icons and links for new social networks as you integrate them into your SMM strategy.

Liberally use pictures, videos, slideshows and other multimedia content to make an enduring impression on your social media profiles.

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