Both Facebook and Twitter help you interact with your existing customers, connect with prospective customers, enhance brand awareness and help create an engaged community around your business.

Facebook boasts over one billion users and quite a chunk of them could be your existing or prospective customers and you can exploit Facebook once you learn the art of connecting and engaging with them.

There is little doubt that Facebook influences the buying decisions of people. You must leverage that influence to enhance your business image and boost sales.

Twitter has a whopping two million active users and is pregnant with massive marketing opportunities. It is reported at 55 percent of people who follow a brand on Twitter ultimately become buyers of that brand

The right Twitter marketing strategies should help you enhance your brand awareness, connect with existing customers and entice new ones to expand your customer-base.

With several millions of people on Twitter and Facebook, it is probable that your existing customers are on one or both the social media sites and it is equally likely that a host of prospective customers are also available on both of the sites.

Twitter, as is known to all, is a microblogging site where you type just 140 characters to succinctly convey your message. Of course, you can post a link to a picture or a video.

Facebook, on the other hand, has no 140 character restriction. In fact, there is a facility called Notes where you can use it like any standard blog and write as much as you wish.  Besides, in Facebook, you are not limited to mere text. You can include pictures and videos and whatever else you like.

Thus, you can do a lot more with a Facebook page for your business than you can with a Twitter business account.

Unlike Twitter, there is in Facebook a division between personal and business accounts and you need not use your personal Facebook account to promote your business.

With Facebook you can set up a personal profile, a professional profile, a business page/fan page. Though you are able to set up different accounts on Twitter, they really have the same functions as Facebook.

People who follow you on your Facebook page are called likes and those on Twitter are called your followers.

The there is this concept of viral marketing. On Facebook anybody can come across your Facebook page and click Share and your message is then shared with all of their friends. That is how your message gets viral on Facebook.

On Twitter, if someone who is following your Twitter feed likes what you just tweeted; he/she clicks the Retweet button. That, in turn, becomes their own tweet and goes out to their own crowd of people.

For business enterprises, Facebook gives you the opportunity to purchase ads which you can target specific audiences.

Twitter’s biggest strength is indeed its speed. When things happen around the word, you are going to hear of it instantly on twitter. One tweet can get you tons of retweets whereas it is hard to get a message go speedily viral on Facebook.

Some business organizations focus on using only Twitter and some concentrate more on Facebook. But a judicious combination both Facebook and Twitter can fetch you optimum business returns.

If you understand the strengths and demerits of both the platforms, you can then use each of them to its full potential.

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