Reputation Management: How to Control Online Conversation


Reputation Management: How to Control Online Conversation

It doesn’t matter whether you are a small business owner or the owner of an established business; the internet has perhaps become an indispensable part of the way business is done, and it has been a game changer for your customers as well. According to reports, nearly 67% of consumers are likely to admit the fact that the online reviews influence them. So, it is pretty evident that it is important for you to have control over the online conversation with regards to your brand and business.

Are you aware of what your potential customers would perhaps find when they search for reviews on our company? Well, you might be in for a real shock if you have not taken sufficient time to go through your online reviews and see what is in store for you. Good news is that you can now manage your online reviews by hiring the services of online reputation management companies. However, before resorting to professional help, you should know about ways to control the online conversation on your online presence.


Even if you do not want to be active on a 3rd party review site such as Yelp, there is a possibility that your firm is already listed. And, Yelp does not regulate what the reviewers post and the listings can be developed using the information from various other sources on the internet without the business owners knowing it. Claiming and checking a listing is perhaps the only way to make sure that you have access to listings to pose pictures, update information and respond to happy as well as disgruntled clientele.


Monitoring the online reviews of your company is just half the battle. If you are planning to take control over your online reputation, you must respond to all the reviews made on your brand. In other words, you should provide brief, pleasant and professional responses even to the most overdramatic negative review.

You can also thank positive as well as negative reviewers for having taken the time to share their views and experience with your company. Doing so, you are showing that you care about the opinion and are committed to offering a great experience for anyone that chooses to use your product or service over the competition.

In several cases, it is even possible for you to turn someone that seemingly hates your firm into a brand advocate through addressing their grievance similar to a professional and not engaging in a fight using words.

Well, responding to all the reviews is certainly a best practice; however, if you just have a few minutes per day dedicated to reputation management, ensure to check the reviews of your company on Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

If you want more control over your company’s reviews and who posts them, you can make use of a third party customer review platform that offers business owners with tools to create positive feedback and challenges the negative reviews that are meant to defame the online reputation of your company.

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