Social Media Marketing (SMM) PLAN: Why Your Business Needs It

Social Media Marketing (SMM) PLAN: Why Your Business Needs It

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest are fast becoming popular and people are using them to communicate, share ideas and get information. This means that they are not going anywhere any time soon. Corporates, Statups and Small Business Owners have started to use these sites in their online marketing mix. That is precisely why your business needs to include social media marketing (SMM)plan as part of your online marketing startegy.

Studies show that nowadays, people spend close to eighteen percent of their time on social media sites. This means that majority of your potential customers spend a large percentage of their time everyday looking through social media sites. If you were to promote the products and services that your business offers on even one of these social media sites, you will have increased your viewership by a large percentage; and all this in just one day. Now, think about the large percentage of the targeted customers that you will attract if you were to promote or brand  your line of products/services in not one but all of these social media sites. The numbers would be overwhelming, right? So why not include a social media marketing strategy in your business plan; I know I would. Remember, you’ve got nothing to lose if you do.

Every existing social media site has millions of people from all over the world as its members. For your business, this means millions of potential customers; both international and local if you take advantage of this opportunity and integrate a comprehensive social media marketing plan to targeted this niche crowd effectively. Social media sites give you the chance to interact and engage with your potential customers and would-be clients every day and get to know what they would want you to offer them. You wouldn’t want to miss out on such a brilliant opportunity now, would you?

Since majority of your existing customer base is a member of at least one social media site, you can connect and engage with them and keep them posted on new trends and products that you launch and services you offer so that they know all about them and how to purchase them. The other added bonus is that keeping a solid connection to your customers will attract their friends to your product since they can view any activity going on with you and your clients. People like to go for trusted brands because sometimes taking a risk is too expensive. So once they realize that a friend of theirs uses your products, they will want to be a part of that too.

Social media sites boost search engine rankings. This is so because you can share links to your website on the social media site and all those people you are connected to plus all their friends will be able to visit your website through the links and view its content. Once you have that many viewers on your site, the search engines will recognize this and raise your rank in their listings.  This will then benefit you in that you will be able to better reach those people who are not members of any social media site.

Your Turn:

Have you used social media marketing (SMM) plan? If so what has been your expereience? If not, what has held you back?

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