7 Important Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Businesses Owners

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is one of the best micro blogging and social network site with real time information that connects you to ideas, opinions, stories, and news which you have an interest. Twitter connects businesses in real time by sharing information with people regarding their products and services. It also gathers real time feedback and market intelligence and builds relations with partners, clients, and influencers and offers the business an easy way to reach the targeted audience. As per the latest figures, more than five hundred million people use Twitter and if properly marketed using the right tools you can promote your product to millions. Some of the best Twitter marketing tips to grow your business are as follows:

Announce your presence to the world:

The most important marketing tool to get noticed in Twitter is to make an attractive profile with a beautiful picture. You have to explain yourself in three lines which should contain the message you wish to convey. When the visitors look into your website and find your profile attractive they will start following you.

Including a link:

Your blog should have a link which will direct the visitor to your product or website so that people visiting your site will get a good exposure to your products.

Keeping in touch:

Customer rapport is very important for marketing even if your customer is not a Twitter customer. If you provide excellent customer support  then you product will be promoted indirectly. Once a good rapport is built, then your customers will automatically tell their friends and relatives to buy the product and your products will be sold, indirectly.

Politeness and follow up:

When a customer follows you on Twitter it’s your duty to follow them back so that they will feel attached and happy. When replying them back you have to make sure that you use diplomatic words and avoid harsh words even if there are any negative comments so that they don’t feel insulted.

Ask them what they look for, in our product:

Getting feedback about the product from customers is very important for any marketing field. You should ask the customers if they are happy with the quality of the product and ask them if they can provide any suggestions to improve the product. In this way, the customer feels as if he is part of the company and the sales will grow manifold.

Right tools for marketing:

You cannot keep in touch with your customers 24/7 and in order to do that we have to schedule our tweets. By scheduling your tweets it will be posted to the customers on time and your products will get the required exposure. Hoot suite is one of the best tools available to schedule your tweets.

Building lists:

One of the best options Twitter provides is the “LISTS” tab. We can create different lists for specific group of customers so that, if you have a particular product you can tweet this to your customers interested in that particular product.

Power of Hash tags:

A hash tag is an important tool with the symbol “#” and it’s a simple way for visitors to search for topics which is common to start a conversation. These tags are very important when you are promoting a product on Twitter.

Joining chats:

Tweet chat is an amazing tool in Twitter in which you can chat with your customers and others. This can be done using the Twitter account to sign in and follow the hash tag of your product and by interacting and chatting, you can increase the sales.

Tweeting at the right time:

You have to choose the right time to get your product the maximum attention. Due to the difference in time zones, customers may not be able to reach your product on Twitter. Best method is to schedule the time for best exposure.

Important key words:

Key words are the most important tool in any social media marketing. A proper researched key word should be used in Twitter to describe your product. Google ad words tool is the best place to find your best key words.

Connect your LinkedIn account with Twitter:

In order to get more exposure of your product, connect your Twitter account with your LinkedIn account so that you will get better visibility of your product. By adding a Twitter link in LinkedIn, your friends there will follow you on Twitter.

Your Turn:

What is your Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Businesses Owners ?We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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