How to Effectively Manage Your YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube Video Marketing

An online video is similar to the videos on TV except that your target audience is mostly web oriented audience. The advantage of having an online video of your company is that it targets increasing audience who frequent video networks. They are more effective than text or banner ads. Online videos influence people a lot in their buying decision. Producing an online video is a tricky affair. The video production should be made after researching the company and its products and how best to influence the audience. A good creative online video in video sites like YouTube can flare up like fire and the number of hits can go up to millions in a short span of time. Online web videos increase operational efficiency and revenue at a lesser cost. It also reduces the gap between strategy and execution when launching a product or solution. A good online promotional video will have an effect of sparking dialogue and activity among the audience. It should have elements which will entertain and resonate the viewers by telling stories with humor which will leave an impression in their minds. A good online video can fail if you don’t have a search engine optimization process in place. The success of an online video is the search process which enables the SEO to reach the exact audience who need that product using proper key words in the search engine. Statistics show that YouTube viewing have increased to an astonishing 35% compared to other media like TV. A mind-blowing 35 hours of video is uploaded every minute in YouTube which means that there is a lot of  competition and you need excellent strategy to maximize marketing results. Some of the marketing strategies are as follows:

Creating eye catching videos

Video that we create should have contents the audience requires. The video should be helpful, valuable, and compelling to your targeted audience. Preparation of product promotional videos requires proper planning. You should know how the video is going to look and sound after your creative thinking. There should be a proper script with mapping of each frame and it should be formal. Some of the things to keep in mind when making a video are:

  • Object of the video and what you are planning to achieve by it
  • Who are the main target audience you wish to tap
  • What kind of video you propose to make funny, professional, or sincere
  • How should the audience respond to your video? Mail it to a friend, call your customer support, or click a link to get more information.

Videos should be easily located.

Videos uploaded in YouTube should be easily found and it should appear in the first page of the search engine. To push your video to the first page of the search engine, the easy methods would be rephrasing your title, description with full URL, and key word tags.  Add a colon after the key word in the title and rephrase it so that it will have maximum effect. Description should be key word rich and lengthy and the tags should have all the key words.

Branding YouTube channel.

YouTube channel should be like your second home. The branding should be done with customized background and color matching the brand and set the video in auto play mode. Play list should be created featuring your best contents which represents your products and promotions.

Build subscribers through annotations.

Adding annotation is another way to increase the subscribers and these should include links to other videos, play lists, and subscribe option. Instead of deleting your old video you can add a link which will take you to the latest updated video.

Alert your friends and subscribers by posting a bulletin.

When you have uploaded a video in YouTube, create a bulletin in the post bulletin tab with a link to the video so that it will appear on your friend’s and subscriber’s home pages. When a new video is posted you should create a blog post around the video using important key words and appropriate contents. This method will deliver the video to the subscribers and it will be found on search and by adding a share button will allow others to share your video in their circle.

Your Turn:

What is your Youtube video marketing strategy?We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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