Content Ideas for Social Media Marketing Success

Content Ideas for Social Media Marketing Success
Content Ideas for Social Media Marketing Success

You must exercise your powers of imagination and creativity to generate interesting and informative content for social media to help promote your brand.

Having original content ideas for your social media fans and followers is the most key aspect of any social media marketing venture. This means innovative tweets, innovative pictures, innovative blogs, innovative status updates, innovative videos – everything new, fresh and innovative.

Experts suggest that you take a look at your ‘sent’ folder. You will already have enough content in your sent folder that may be worth sharing. Research to see if any written content is worth morphing into a video, or an image that could be tweeted – this will save you time.

This concept is known as “content repurposing” and its aim is to help you expose your content to as large an audience as possible. Sharing the content from emails with your YouTube subscribers will reorient that information to them in an appealing format they would be most interested in viewing.

Make it a point to read replies and comments to ascertain what your fans want and expect from you.

Assuming you have an active Twitter following, or a YouTube comment section replete with opinions – that’s where you can find your fans openly sharing with you a host of ideas to help you create rich content.
Some ideas may help you create blog posts enabling you to clarify issues. Some ideas may lead to compelling video demonstrations.

Remember that your social media accounts shouldn’t be all about you and the products/services you market. You should focus on your fans as often as possible, and share their reviews of your brand in a rewarding manner.

Share fresh content that isn’t all about you but is still about you. Persistent arguments and refutations are never good for promoting your business. Amiable discussion and positive debates can help spread your piece of content.

Express your opinions as gently as possible. Create a list of ideas that you can share as a blog post, or social status update. Just be sure to put enough fresh information on your choices to initiate one of those vibrant discussions.

Social media is all about what’s happening new, and Twitter especially packed with current events. Having images prepared in advance for major world events could provide a key component of any social sharing plan.

Planning for future noteworthy events and creating branded content that’s relevant can help increase your shares. This will also help you readily produce new content for future sharing.

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