Easy Steps to Remove a Negative YouTube Video

Easy Steps to Remove a Negative YouTube Video

Managing your online reputation is one of the biggest challenges you have to face while operating your business. It is undeniably annoying and hurting to find the negative content of your Company on various websites and YouTube as well. But there is nothing to worry as by following a few simple steps you can easily remove a negative video from YouTube.

It may not be possible for you to remove each and every negative comment from the Internet but YouTube follows certain ethical policies due to which it removes inappropriate content from the Internet.

Criteria Based on Which YouTube Removes Content from the Internet

  • Infringement with the Terms of Services of YouTube: If you come across a video related to you or your Company that includes real-life violence, nudity, representation of criminal act and other red flags, you can easily have it removed by YouTube.
  • DMCA Act: According to the ‘Digital Millennium Copyright Act’ or DMCA, if you stumble upon a video on the Internet that interferes with the copyright you hold, such as a corporate logo or some previous content, YouTube is compelled to take it down according to the federal law. In addition to this, the users who make use of copyright content can be forbidden to post anything on YouTube after three ‘takedown warnings.’
  • Automatic Content ID Flag: This YouTube tool makes use of superior quality software for analyzing new post and determines whether anything in it violates any copyright. For example, it can identify images and songs that are present in the earlier YouTube videos.

Steps To Remove Inappropriate YouTube Video from the Internet

  • Get in Touch with the Uploader: The easiest thing to do is to contact the uploader of the inappropriate video and request him to have it removed politely to prevent the exacerbation of the issue. If he refuses to take it down and instead posts more harmful videos to tarnish your reputation, you have to take other measures.
  • Flag Video: If the poster of the video does not comply with your removal request, click on the ‘flag’ button just below a video and make use of the drop-down menu to show the reasons why you think the video is inappropriate.
  • Fill up the 6-Step Questionnaire: At this step, you have to provide information as to why a video is not appropriate and needs to be taken down. Answer honestly and to the point.
  • Fill up the Complaint Form: A copy of this form is sent to the original uploader of the inappropriate video. It acts as an official record. The poster of the video gets 2 complete days to take down the video. The next step is to wait until the video is removed from YouTube by the uploader.

According to the Communications Decency Act, Section 230 (C), YouTube is bound to remove content based on defamation. Thus if online submission of your complaint through the ‘defamation complaint page’ of YouTube fails to produce productive results, take legal help. Ask your legal counsel to send an official letter to YouTube specifying which of the videos interfere with the law and how. This would surely work.

When you have made up your mind to “Remove a Negative YouTube Video” which bothers your individual, sme’s, corporate or government entity status, then Contact Us to get things done ASAP!

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