How To Remove Bad Reviews from Google Search Results

How To Remove Bad Reviews from Google Search Results

Negative reviews from customers can do a lot of harm to your business. Thus you should always be alert and look out for any such inappropriate reviews and take the necessary measures to remove them. Defamatory remarks and reviews can spread fast online and damage your online reputation and affect the sale of your products and services. Do not worry as there are many ways to eliminate the negative reviews and restore your good reputation again.

Here are some ways by which you can remove bad reviews from the Google Search results.

  • Contact Website Owner: If a negative review is generated by a Google-owned site, such as the ‘Google Local Business Centre’ you can easily remove the negative review by getting in touch with the website’s owner. Request the owner to remove the reviews by specifying the reasons why you consider the reviews to be inappropriate and harmful to your reputation.
  • Flag the Review: If the owner of the website complies to your ‘take down’ request, well and good; otherwise you have to ‘flag’ the review to have it removed.
  • Address Customer Issues: Promptly addressing the issues of the customers is a good way to have the negative reviews removed. If you are able to fulfil the desires of the customers and they feel you are taking their complaints seriously and trying your best to resolve, the issues, they themselves can then remove the negative reviews on requesting them.
  • Request Testimonials from Customers: There are still other ways to deal with the problem of negative reviews. You can request the customers who are satisfied with your brand or its products to post testimonials on the sites where there are negative reviews.
  •  Claim Business Listing: If the negative reviews are posted on the ‘business listing’ site, claim the business listing and change the address and the business name.
  •  Suppress Negative Reviews with Positive Content: Even after trying all the above measures you are unable to remove the bad reviews, you can subdue the negative reviews with positive content in the following ways.
  • Press Release: Create interesting news related to something positive about your Company. This considerably helps to restore the positive online reputation of your Company if negative reviews have tarnished it.
  • Create Social Profiles: Create social profiles on the various social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. This is because Google prefers the social profiles and these shows up in the top few results. In your social profiles mention all positive aspects of your Company or brand to counteract the negative reviews.

 If a review violates Google’s review policies, you can have it removed by the following steps.

  • The first step is to open the ‘Google Maps.’
  • Look for the reviews that violate the review policies of Google.
  • Next click the flag button on the grounds of violent, hateful inappropriate review; reviews containing spam or advertising or those which are off the topic and contain conflicts of interest.

Though negative reviews can considerably hamper the name of your brand and taint your online reputation, you need not worry. There are ways to deal with it effectively to restore the good reputation of your Company or brand.

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