How to use Pinterest effectively for Business

Pinterest for business

When used properly, Pinterest can be a remarkably effective tool to promote your business interests. The Pinboard social network has created waves in recent times and has exploded from less than 1 million users to a whopping 150 million in a brief period of six months. The uncomplicated functionality of organizing and sharing photo and video has made Pinterest hugely popular with users.

One convenient way to let your customers know about your presence on Pinterest is to provide a Pinterest button. Pinterest users can manually add photos and videos to Pinterest, but you can certainly make it simpler for them. Go to the ‘goodies’ page and select the one that best meets your requirements. By adding a Pin It button, you facilitate your customers to pin your products onto Pinterest.

View your analytics dashboard, and ascertain what type of traffic Pinterest is driving to your site. Unlike Facebook, Pinterest has so far not created any distinction between a personal profile and brand page. It is therefore suggested that you opt for the email pertaining to your brand’s Twitter account to create your Pinterest profile.

You can change the name as also email of your account, add a location and website and a succinct description of your brand. You can also choose to openly link your Twitter profile to your Pinterest account.

Crowdsource can be done effectively for brands. Pinterest users may pin and organize your content as they deem fit but it is up to you to use your boards to help define your brand and your business ethos. You can request your brand fans to pin their pictures with your product and tag you. You can thereafter re-pin those photos onto a VIP board. This will send signals to your prospects that your existing customers really relish using your products.

Pinterest is an amazing visual representation for your business. This apart, it also has SEO significance. Nonetheless it is necessary that you follow the pin etiquette as detailed by Pinterest.  Appear trustworthy and credit your sources.  It is preferable to avoid self-advertisement and report content you find objectionable. Try to make your profile community-based and do not create a marketing/promotion center for your products.

The interests and dislikes of Pinterest users are clearly discernible. You focus on the Pinners who follow your brand and view what they are pinning and whoever else they are following. They seem inclined to reveal a lot about their interests in Pinterest than they would on other social networks. Profitably use this personal information to obtain glimpses about your target customers.

Pin and scrupulously maintain your boards to keep your Pinterest presence dynamic. Make a point of visiting Pinterest on a pre-planned schedule to view what is being pinned by people/brands you already follow. By tracking the popular pins, you will be able to appreciate the type of content the Pinterest community tends to like.

The Pin It bookmarklet allows you to snatch a picture or image from any website and include it to one of your pinboards. When you pin from another website, Pinterest immediately grabs the source link to credit the original creator. You can see the bookmarklet on Pinterest’s goodies page.

Create infographics, partake in conversations, try to optimize your account settings, evolve a Pinterest content distribution strategy and use Hashtags in your photo descriptions.

Pinterest is a relatively viral marketing platform and you will soon see many more features emerging for brands. Of course, Pinterest many not be suited for every brand but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. You should honestly try it out and set up a  account for your business .

Your turn! Do you have a Pinterest account for your business? How effectively are you using it? Do tell!

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