How to Use Linkedin Groups Effectively for Business

How to Use Linkedin Groups Effectively for Business

LinkedIn is a social networking tool for business  and many businesses have exploited the marketing opportunities offered by this tool. You must learn to interact with LinkedIn Groups where other similar business owners are present. If availed properly, these groups can be utilized to help market your products, expand your market reach and evolve strategic networking opportunities for your business. Bear in mind that social networking is all about engaging and building relationships that can later result in sales and therefore should not be used blatantly for direct marketing and promotion.Developing a LinkedIn groups business strategy is key to B2B sales success and knowing how to use Linkedin groups effectively for business is a skill.

Creating a LinkedIn group around a specific niche topic can offer multiple benefits for your business. It spreads greater awareness amongst your target audience. It helps to position your business as an industry leader.  A LinkedIn group evokes interest and generates enquiries for your business. You can convert your LinkedIn group members to promoters and advocates for your brand.

Merely starting a LinkedIn Group can be of no avail unless you effectively manage the group after you launch. Here are some useful tips and suggestions to help you manage your own LinkedIn group and derive optimum benefits.

What is of utmost importance is to keep members satisfied and fulfilled and ensure your group is free from clutter and spam.The name you decide for your group and the details you provide are crucial for luring the right members. You must use appropriates keywords in the title as also in the description of your group, because they would show up in LinkedIn group searches.

It is suggested that you use approximately 50 characters for your LinkedIn group title and use apt words to entice the most likely members to click- and know more about joining your group. This is the key for being conspicuous and emerge successful edging out your competitors in the group search results. Remember for your group description, the first 140 characters will usually show up in search results.

The most critical part of successfully running your group is to have a competent person to lead and manage the group. If you represent a repute brand or fairly well known company, select a spokesperson that can function as the face of the group and actively interact and engage with the group. If you happen to be the owner of a small business, then you should become the face of your group page.

Few additional tips for effectively using your LinkedIn group are – posting a weekly discussion as also a weekly question and commenting  on all ongoing discussions

There have also been some enhanced facilities for Group owners.  You can send a weekly announcement to your group, create automatic email responses for group inquiries, shoot out a welcome message to fresh members and more. Groups are indeed becoming a resourceful tool in using LinkedIn profitably.   LinkedIn Groups offers multifarious benefits like expanding your reach, active intercommunication amongst members, expand your connections, create your own community and avail  the Customized Group Views to share information.

Joining LinkedIn Groups is a powerful way to enlarge your network. Some groups may be open to all while certain others may entail prior acceptance by the administrator. Select groups that ideally fit your business niche and look for active participants with common objectives. It is also necessary important for you to remain active by offering regular comments, frequent sharing of links, asking pertinent questions and vigorous interaction.

The formula is to successfully leverage LinkedIn and make it a bee hive for your business. You must create an impressive business profile, connect with persons with similar interests and constantly involve in thought-provoking interactions. With LinkedIn groups, you can construct thought leadership, share business expertise, market your brand and expand your network.

Your turn! Do you have a LinkedIn group account for your business? How effectively are you using it? Do tell!

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