How to Use Social Media as a Customer Service Platform

How to Use Social Media as a Customer Service Platform

Well, building good relationships with customers via social media can add up to the profits. Good news is that getting social media customer service work the right way, all you need to do is just follow some tips:

Choose the finest social media platforms

Remember that the best platform for another business may be entirely useless for yours. The most important thing here is finding where your customers are on social media. If you are not aware of the answer, ask. Do a simple survey; send it via email employing a free service like Google Forms that can point you in the appropriate direction. Go where your customers are and offer a support experience which is native to their favorite network. And, don’t make the mistake of thinking that Facebook or Twitter is the perfect fit for your audience merely because you tend to spend most of your time there.

Keep track of social media mentions

In fact, you don’t have to start really at the feeds in your social media all day long to know whether or not your customers need help. Make use of some useful tools available now that will just alert you whenever your name (business’ name) gets mentioned. Such tools help you stay alert as and when your product or service gets mentioned so that you get to respond to your customer soon.

Look for Mentions which might not be clear

Well, don’t always assume that customers are aware of your Twitter handle. Perhaps, research shows that just 3% of brand mentions use a Twitter handle rather than choose the product or company name.
In the same way, don’t assume that customers will always spell the name of your product or company right. Search for your business or product name along with various misspelled variations regularly to catch those having trouble.

Speed does matter in social support

Speed may not appear to be the most crucial factor for good support by phone, email or in-person service, but, in social media speed tends to trump all.

Social media’s fast-paced nature creates expectations which are quite different from other platforms such as email wherein a response time of 24 hours looks a little more acceptable. However, in the case of social media, try to respond as fast as you can.

Use the right tone

Your tone of voice is critical in customer support. And, this can pose a little challenge to social media wherein a few platforms like Twitter restrict you to very short messages that make it a bit difficult to get the nuance and tone right. The best way to set the tone right is adjusting your tone to match perfectly that of your customer. Learn to pick up on the subtle cues of your clients; this will make it easier to deliver service in the perfect tone.

Take things offline whenever necessary

At times, this medium does not empower you to write long replies when you need to write so. Besides, there are times when you cannot exchange some sensitive customer information online. In such cases, transfer the issue to any other channel such as phone or email. But do it in the right way.

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