LinkedIn Marketing: How to Effectively Manage your Company Page


LinkedIn, with more than two hundred million members across the globe has become the face of professional networking, today. Hordes of companies have pages in this professional networking site online and the companies leverage LinkedIn to amplify their presence on the Internet. Company pages in the online networking site comprise pages that have the company profile, status updates, career options, employees and their products and services offered by them. To manage and promote your business or brand through the LinkedIn company page, to land efficient employees and to broaden your company network, you need to,

  • Designate

It is imperative to bring together a team of administrators who are deputed exclusively to manage your LinkedIn company page. The administrative team will be entrusted with the task of management activities regarding the company profile like creating and editing of the LinkedIn page and promotion through content updates.

  • Specify

To enhance the effectiveness of your LinkedIn profile, you need to provide detailed information on your brand/company like logo, establishment of the enterprise, specialization, accounts in various social forums and RSS feeds. The companies can also post links to their blogs, which will further impress the customers and propel them to make an informed choice, using the detailed and relevant info posted.

  • Provide

The LinkedIn company page should provide people enough information on your unique products and services since, most of the customers/clients locally and otherwise search the net, before hiring or availing services, required. The administrators need to post updates on the company pages about new developments, advancements and changes regarding the company, employees and services by including product promotion videos, available services, product descriptions and photos.

  • Involve

The more you involve your employees in your LinkedIn account and acknowledge their accomplishments, the more your impact on the prospective employees. List all the employees who are LinkedIn members in your company page and give a status update on the ‘vacancies and positions available’ in your organization. If filled, inform the users to avoid unwanted mental agony of job seekers.

  • Request

Request your clients/customers to provide testimonials on your company’s products and services on the LinkedIn company page. The referrals and recommendations on your products and services from existing LinkedIn members will increases the credibility of your company/brand and can result in people investing in the company, partnering with you in endeavors and hiring your services. The employees’ testimonials will motivate more qualified and efficient professionals to join your company, which will increase its profitability. The image of your company gets a facelift, when the members on the networking site, post their words and fond experiences of working with you.

  • Monitor

Implementing any strategy on social platforms becomes futile, if it is not monitored periodically and efficiently. So, periodical monitoring of ‘analytics’ page, every week provides you insight into the audience that views your company page and profile, the frequency of visits and how your profile fares compared to your competition. These pointers and facts will help you to alter and to update strategies and manage your LinkedIn company page effectively.

Your turn! Do you have a company page in LinkedIn? How do you manage? Do tell!

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