How to Look Out For Key Social Media Mentions?

How to Look Out For Key Social Media Mentions?

Of course, for many years, big players/top brands have been keen on monitoring their performance on social channels – sentiment of their posts and tweets and tracking the exact volume of their brand mentions.

In fact, they even have a clear understanding of several key conversations customers have across popular channels such as Twitter and Facebook. However, how many brands can identify quickly and track the key brand mentions that eventually affect their brand reputation? How many brands are aware of their key customers and key influencers so that it is possible to track and highlight such mentions in real-time?

Well, let us have a look at several ways to cut through the ‘noise’ of social media and anticipate those key mentions proactively:

Major influencers

Almost every industry sector tends to have major influencers. You have to keep track of what these people have to tell about your brand. The key point to be noticed here is that you should build a table of prominent influencers and track & highlight every single time they post anything about your brand.

Key customers

Of course, every brand has key customers. This customer may merely be a loyal customer even if he or she doesn’t have many followers. Or rather it could probably be a pop star who occasionally mentions your brand, and has a huge fan following. Well, either way, you have to create a table of your key customers as well as highlight whenever they post or tweet at your brand/business.

Keyword Tables

Look forward to tracking a variety of the main topics using setting up several matching keyword tables. For example, in retail, these keyword tables would track topics like payments, deliveries, refunds, website issues, complaints, and so on. The major thing is to keep track of these topics, especially in real-time. An unexpected spike in one particular area is the best way to spot a potential customer service problem.

Sentiment Swings

It is still important to track sentiment. You have to monitor the number of positive, negative & neutral brand mentions coming in; at the same time, it is even more important to keep track of any unexpected swing in sentiment. If you see a quick & sudden surge concerning negative mentions, you have to drill down to understand the cause. Only then, you get a chance to resolve issues pretty quickly.

High Authority

Even if you receive a brand mention from an individual with too many followers and who is still not one of your key influencers/key customers, you still have to track & identify such mentions in real-time. And, you may then have to ‘mark them’ as your key influencer for the next brand mention! Your high authority widget will then track ‘any’ important posts or tweets.

Top Mentions

You also have to track any mention which gets several likes, comments or shares. This indicates a post or tweet that has generated a significant amount of interest in your brand. So, it is critical to track, identify & highlight any brand mention floating across any social media platform – which is prone to become a ‘top mention.’

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